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Wispa Versus Aero

Welcome to the chocolate wars. My prompter wanted to know “Wispa or Aero?”.

It’s not as simple as that. You’re asking a historically big Wispa fan. So it’s hardly a level playing field for the Aero.

In the early 1980s I ate a record amount of Wispas. I collected oodles of wrappers the summer of 1984 – that summer one of my teeth split and fell out…

I sent off for various pieces of Wispa merchandise: a Wispa beach towel, a Wispa pen and a Wispa mug … for starters. I am not sure if that is where it ended…

A velvety texture, light and tiny air bubbles in delicious milk chocolate. Chunky chocolate, but with a slight hint of aeration. And that George “careless wispa” Michael joke…

I don’t remember Aeros having such successful marketing ploys to rival those of the Wispa. Bigger bubbles, chocolate that was more bitter.  And they are a bit crumbly. Messy. The one plus of Aero is the mint flavoured bar – as it is Daughter#2’s favourite, and can be used as leverage in any dispute.

So saying… I wouldn’t eat either. 1984 was a long time ago, and mint Aeros… no.

I had an unhealthy relationship with chocolate during my pregnancy with Daughter#2. If there wasn’t a four-pack of double deckers in the house at all times, I would get twitchy and have to send out a volunteer to get some more in.

I guess that’s why she was 10lb 11…

But I wouldn’t eat those now. Or only in emergencies.

And that is because of that show “Willy’s Wonky Chocolate Factory” – that I watched, before the self-imposed TV ban. He recommended giving up the fat and sugar of dairy milk chocolate for the snap and flavour of real chocolate.

And so began the regular purchasing of fair trade 80% chocolate. Not an air bubble in sight. Highly recommended. And it makes milk chocolate taste like fatty stink in comparison. Melty yuk.

So, Aero versus Wispa?

Wispa, in 1984.

But it’s not 1984.

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13 thoughts on “Wispa Versus Aero

  1. Writing and reading about chocolate is always a happy endeavor. It is interesting how one evolves in their taste and desire of chocolate. The chocolate of my youth, Nestle crunch, Snickers, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, doesn’t satisfy me the way handmade chocolates do. There is a lovely small shop in NYC called Tseucher’s. Their handmade chocolates are flown in weekly and they are unbelievable.

  2. Fatty stink. Melty yuk. Perfect description. You nailed it, exactly. Thanks.
    So, do you have tea with that 80%? Mmm . . .

    • I sure do. I haven’t been through a chocolate phase in some time, but I buy two bars, keep them in the fridge and snap off pieces in the late evening, kidding myself that it is healthier than lost of other unnecessary snacks I could be eating!

  3. Rickster on said:

    Wispa was a failed attempt by Cadburys to copy the Aero. They couldn’t get the big bubbles (in the 1980s) and decided to market the failure. Successful advertising featuring that young attractive couple from the TV series ‘Just Good Friends’ gave the Wispa a market it didn’t deserve. The Aero was clearly the superior form, even if Cadburys had the finer chocolate.

    The Wispa fizzled out and stopped being made in 2003. Clearly there was insufficient demand. The fact that they brought it back in 2007 is more down to the power of internet campaigns than the need for the Wispa.

    Meanwhile the Aero has continued to have a place in corner shops throughout. The Aero clearly wins.

    And have you tried the Aero Caramel? I like it.

    • Haven’t tried the Aero Caramel. Sounds a bit sickly. And it won’t help with my “losing a stone by the end of November” thing. Which hasn’t started yet…

  4. Scotstig on said:

    How can you malign the Wispa?

    I remember the launch of The Wispa and I felt at the time that Cadbury had spoken to the builder of machine which makes Aeros and bought another one!

    So they said to themselves….. How will we make our chocolate bar different? I know (and this is a mark of simplistic genius) we’ll turn down the bubble size dial and see what we get.

    The Wispa was born. The Wispa had 4 advantages over Aero.

    1. It came as a bar in a wrapper instead of a slab with paper and foil as Aero did at the time.
    2. The quality of the chocolate was better.
    3. The Wispa was better value for money as you got more chocolate and less air.
    4. The smaller bubbles meant a luxurious velvety texture to the bar compared to Aero’s cheaper crumbly feel.

    What we call chocolate in the UK is a bit of a problem as there is so little cocoa in it that the EU wanted to re-classify it as non-chocolate! But if it as a choice between Aero (mint? Caramel? Flogging a dead bubble) or Wispa I would take the luxurious velvetiness of Wispa every time.

    • Well, after eating real chocolate for a spell, these products really aren’t chocolate, probably especially the wispa. As an adult I think I could only choke one back if it had been in the freezer for a half hour or so to stop that melty claggy yuk thing happening.

  5. A fine discussion. I too favour the Wispa over the Areo, as an Areo is mostly air. It’s only redeeming feature is the mint Aero. A downside of the Wispa is that for some reason after a bite, pieces of it get stuck to the back of my front teeth, though that might just be me ….

  6. Its easy! Whispa – I have boycotting Nestle for the last 8 years. That said I would prefer Aeros but my conscience doesnt allow me that choice lol

  7. No! No! It’s TRUE! 80% chocolate IS healthy!

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