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Cusp Limerick

There once was a season called summer

That absented itself times without number

But in 2013

We were glad it had been

Then it went again. That was a bummer.

Summers Ending

Summers Ending (Photo credit: `James Wheeler)


A Limerick With “Woosh” in it

English: Cover for A Book of Nonsense by Edwar...

English: Cover for A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear (ca 1875 James Miller edition) Français : Couverture de A Book of Nonsense d’Edward Lear (édition James Miller, vers 1875) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A word in a poem was sought.

Such a limerick cannot be bought.

A wish for a woosh

I can grant at a push:

It was easy. Who would have thought?

Self Esteem

There once was a god called Narcissus,
Who preferred his own self to his Mrs.
So large was his ego,
He had no amigo,
So he just had to mind his own business.

Iambic pentameter meets Limerick

There once was iambic pentameter,
Who wanted to test his parameter.
He rhymed to impress,
But his feet became stressed,
And the stanza just was a calamit…er…

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