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How to avoid #procrastination

Thanks to my prompter for “Procrastination” as a prompt. I shall post on it forthwith. Wouldn’t want to let that one fester away in the “to-do” corner.

As with many things, the trick to avoiding procrastination is to wake up to the fact that time elapses. (Perhaps I have ranted about this before. It’s one of my facebook-gripes: “I can’t believe it is six years since….” Eh, why not? Time elapses. “The sun will continue to rise and set whether I pass in geometry or not”, as Anne of Green Gables put it, roughly.)

Yes, time marches on. Or it gets in its winged chariot. Either way, it’s a dimension on the move from beginning to end or from everlasting to everlasting, or somewhere in-between.

I don’t know when I realised this about time. I think it’s when you figure out that Christmas takes ages to come… until sufficient time passes… and it’s you that is primarily buying the presents rather than receiving the presents. Then it whips round on its annual cog, smacking you in the face with its relentless regularity. (In a fun and festive way!)

This is all to do with fractions.

When you are two, a year is half of your life. When you are 90, a year is a 90th of your life. So, for a two year old, it feels as if Christmas takes 45 years to come around. For a 90 year old, there are hardly any shopping days to Christmas. It’s basically just Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho.

So, time elapses. And I know this, in a kind of cognitive behavioural kind of way. This means that I generated my anti-procrastination strategy called: “Tasks and Timeslots”.

This means that you have a diary – a physical diary with physical pages – and you allocate tasks to timeslots.

The trick is actually doing the tasks in the allocated time slots. Then they get done.

Another important strategy is not planning to do things that you can’t actually fit into the time that you have. Don’t agree to things you are definitely going to fail to do. That’s just depressing for you, not-so-good for your boss and a let down to your friends.

And if you ever do procrastinate and end up in a sticky wicket, there are always the six-eight hours overnight that can be called upon in an emergency. But I don’t recommend that.

Best just put that iPhone down, turn that TV off and get on with your tasks.

Or, admit defeat and go to bed.

(Don’t start cleaning out a cupboard or trying to upcycle a pile of junk).


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