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Pancake Perseverance

Readers who have been with me since the beginning will be aware that pancakes have been a bit of an issue. It is well documented that I can’t make pancakes. This, however, is no longer true: I can now, in fact, make pancakes. If you want to see many examples of previous failed attempts, just put “pancakes” in my WeeScoops search box. Hours of fun. 

What caused my fortunes to flip? 

First of all, one of my children went off cereal. This left a breakfast vacuum. I am a big believer in breakfast, so we searched for a palatable solution. This turned out to be crepes from Asda – crepes that were pre-filled with chocolate spread – 30 seconds in the microwave and hey presto – breakfast.

The considerable downside of the crepes was the packaging. There were eight individually wrapped (in plastic) crepes and those eight crepes were also wrapped in plastic all together. So, it was a bit of a plastic-fest just to get some chocolate crepes. Surely there was a more sustainable and plastic-free way to have crepes and chocolate spread in the morning?

So, I googled how to make crepes and found a recipe and began the systematic re-creation of the crepes but without the plastic. After a few goes, it was going well. They were thin, they were “lacy”, they were being eaten. Boom.

 The key to success was threefold: not using too much/hardly anything to fry it in while not being anxious that it’s going to stick to the non-stick pan; keeping a hot but steady heat and letting it actually heat up and attain steadiness before beginning; using one’s apple watch to give each side precisely one minute and trying not to think “I know better”. Trust the timer. 

The buoyant crepe phase was going fine, so I began to revisit and experiment with discarded pancake recipes of the past. Transferring my skills into the world of pancakes, I began to have more and more consistent success. I have now settled on my favourite recipe (thanks, Jay!) and can now be found making pancakes ALL THE TIME to keep up with the breakfast demand. No plastic wrappers are involved. 

There are, still, many ways for pancakes to go wrong. One can easily miss out an ingredient. My recipe involves 2 tablespoons of oil. If you leave that out, they still look like pancakes but they are a bit weird. But the oil is less hassle than the melted butter in a lot of the other recipes. Forgetting to sieve things can end up with consistency issues. Using too much oil/fat rubbed on to the pan gives the pancakes an uneven appearance – so I have to eat those ones. And the first batch are always weird. Without exception. So, I have to eat those.

No matter how late at night or how early in the morning I make the pancakes, it is a calm time. I trust in my apple watch timer; I trust the recipe; I am happy that it’s a plastic-free solution to a plastic-tastic problem. 

If this raging success continues for much longer, I may even start making them for people beyond the confines of my own household. Maybe pancake pride comes before a pancake fall, though. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the fruit of my pancake perseverance. 

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2 thoughts on “Pancake Perseverance

  1. Catriona on said:

    Well done! They look very tasty. I have not mastered pancakes. I leave that task to Adrian.

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