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This morning I took my car into the garage to have it looked at. I sanitised the key, handed it over and made my way to the bus stop across the road.

I told the bus app where I wanted to go, along came the relevant bus and away I went… a slick and efficient service.

I spent the morning having a coffee to myself, reading a book in the sunshine. Then, I did a fitness class. Then I got a lift home. Boom.

The only thing I needed to accomplish during the rest of the day was to get back to the garage to pick up my car at 5.15. According to my trusty bus app, this was very straightforward. The bus from the end of my road was due to leave at 4.15 ish, and that would get me there around 5. Cool.

4.15 came and I went to perch at the bus stop. Along came the bus and on I got, beeping my all-day ticket and taking my seat. Slick.

As we went along, I checked the bus app and the map app and zoomed in to see which shops I was looking out for to hit the Stop button. So I looked out expectantly for my selected landmarks.

As the shops I expected came into view, I pressed the button. At the next stop, I got off.

I broke into a half-hearted jog – time seemed to be running out on me – and made my way along the road I had studied – and waited for the landscape to become more familiar. This didn’t happen.

I arrived at my destination, horrified to find that I was at THE WRONG BRANCH of the garage! It was 5.04pm and I was in completely the wrong place!

Sweating and flushing, I checked my phone. My map app said it would be a 36 minute walk or an 11 minute car journey to the correct branch – and I had almost no time to get there before the 5.15 car-pickup deadline. Panicked bewilderment.

Providentially, as I was sheepishly texting Husband to confess to bumbling the whole perfectly straightforward bus-trip and car-collection thing, a cab driver was right there in front of me, helping his passenger out with her luggage and he happened to be free! Amazing.

Sans perdre de temps, we set off, my face red as a red thing and my eyes fixed on my watch while hoping that taxis take plastic… I haven’t been in one for … well…. since pre-pandemic or before…

Unbelievably, my most helpful driver managed to complete an 11 minute drive in about half the time and I got there for the 5.15 pickup. Relief. (I did have to lollop/gazelle my way inelegantly up a grass verge… but I am taking my arrival at 5.15 as an actual win.)

I was never more glad of my mask to conceal my roasting beamer, while the girl spoke car to me.

As her words and advice washed over me, I became aware of all the half-thoughts and inklings that I had systematically ignored all day – about how the bus to the garage seemed to be handier than I thought it would have been – about how I hadn’t realised how close various places were to my bus route (they weren’t) – about how the parks on the Southside are not actually as near each other as I deluded myself into thinking they were…

In my defence, both branches are, technically, on the same road… just 1000 buildings or so apart…

I resolve to improve my geography of the Southside.

(Eh, the picture of the Knight Bus is the only faintly relevant pic I could find of me and a bus… sorry if you were hoping for a Harry Potter post…)

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