Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

In pattern pieces

We made a pair of pyjama bottoms! Yay!

But, boak. Who knew that sewing could make you seasick? By the end of the cutting out part I felt the way I feel when I have sorted out too many old photos or something. Queasy.

It’s a whole new world. There’s a whole new language. Even after successfully making a garment (whoop!) I don’t know what some of the instructions meant. (“…use fusible web or machine-basting to anchor them to the garment within the casing area”… eh, yuh…)

We began by watching many YouTubes on how to make pyjama bottoms and then got the pattern out. We wrestled it to the ground and traced it and cut out our pattern pieces.

More wrestling with the sewing machine, getting to grips with the bobbin winder spindle. There was a part where we lost the will. I can’t remember what element of the process broke us. But as a fun hobby, it was taking a turn.

Of course I got the elastic twisted. Of course we don’t have a bodkin. Of course there are a few bumfly bits here and there. But we have a wearable garment.

I don’t think I know who I am any more, though. This is the most not-me activity I have partaken in since…. nope… nothing…

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