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“This is the way” we fail to diet, on a cold and frosty morning #mandalorian

Lockdown #2 or is it#3? Who can say? Whatever it is, it is not helping with my annual new-year-new-me efforts. It was all going so well, and now I have reached my “Mayday Mayday” weight and need to turn this ship around before it starts to impact on my clothing choices. (Not that I am going anywhere. Still dressed like a stage-hand.)

We are watching Mandalorian and enjoying it more than you’d think. Most of all I am thinking of adopting the Mandalorian’s game-changer of a dieting strategy. He keeps going into insalubrious bars and cafes and ordering snacks for the Child – but he sits there – snack free – as he can’t take his helmet off in front of any living thing. What a win. It would look a little mediaeval though.

The Child on the other hand – that boy can eat! I am still reeling from his behaviour in the episode I watched last night when he was eating the eggs of the frog lady who was trying to save the future of her species. He was SO NAUGHTY! He had been TOLD! Shocking.

So, why the weight gain? I blame the weather a bit. I was doing well with the running and the exercise – but I am not wanting to break a leg so I didn’t go running when it was pure icy and pure snowy. Just doing daily online strength and fitness classes clearly doesn’t cut it. My watch tells me they are only about 160 calories a go. Which doesn’t amount to much in terms of Double Deckers. It has just been too cold. And miserable.

Secondly the working from home is not helping. Too many cups of tea (and the accompanying pairs of chocolate digestives) to be had in between bouts of connectivity – and access to a frying pan doesn’t help with lunch choices. In real life, one can get ahead of oneself and pack a lettuce-based lunch in a box and, when the time comes, that’s what you eat. Faced with bacon, egg, beans, chips, pies, bagels and anything else I bought at Morrisons, I am too easily drawn into thinking hey it’s a lockdown, might as well eat one of everything.

What’s that you’re saying? I don’ t need to lose weight? Shucks. Thanks guys. It’s muscle? Aye, maybe. I know, I know, weight isn’t something worth obsessing over in a pandemic.

But it’s annoying.

It could be worse though. I mean, a garganutan spider might land on top of my spaceship, rendering space travel impossible until there’s some kind of deus ex machina moment…

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3 thoughts on ““This is the way” we fail to diet, on a cold and frosty morning #mandalorian

  1. jeanbird on said:

    Love your blog and love the Mandalorian! I’ve missed you!

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