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“Casserole your gran; disembowel yourself with spears…” #cooking #slowcooker

You’ve caught me in a state of mid-late-November overwhelm. So I am procrastinating, avoiding my work and attending to my “next step” in my personal improvement plan: COOKING.

Great! I can turn this into a food blog….

Perhaps not.

The children put in a formal complaint that my food offerings were utterly repetitive. I think the meals are “balanced” insofar as there is a protein, a carb and some vegetable type thing – but they are, admittedly utterly monotonous. I go to Morrison’s, buy one of everything I ever buy, pay for it and then churn out the same things week on week.

So, I asked my facebook friends what foods are foods I have forgotten – and they were very generous with their helpings of advice and suggestions and three things are apparently the answer to my problem:

A slow cooker.

Here’s my beef with slow cookers: you need to be organized. Clearly, if you are going to be eating it hours and hours later, you need to know what it was going to be hours and hours in advance. Imagine that!

In addition, there is meat and veg prepping to do at unnatural times of the day or night. Sealing meat and all that. I don’t fancy handling raw meat at the best of times, let alone early or late. And then there seems to be a lot of messing up a pan then transferring it to the slow cooker. I think the “one pot” idea is perhaps a myth.

Do we trust the slow cooker, in the way that “we trust the fridge”? What other appliance would you leave on, cooking, when you are out? Can you ever relax? Is it not like thinking “Did I leave the straighteners on?”, but knowing full well you did?

 A good casserole dish.

I thought casseroles were just a dramatic convention in Australian soaps of the 1980s, used to justify unjustifiable visits to the eponymous neighbours. But it seems that some of you, in fact, everyone except me, would use a casserole dish once in a while.

(Confession: I do have a casserole dish. It is very small and very cute. I use it to make nachos when I am having a party-for-one. I layer up cooked chicken, salsa and cheese; I repeat to fade, then heat, douse with sour cream and inhale.)

So, it looks as if I will have to go and get a casserole dish and put some things in it. Then it will be stew and tagine city round here.

Vegetables in a box, delivered.

Some say: “Don’t get sucked into the vegetable delivery thing; it is a scam.”

However, a good many people argue that having surprise ingredients turn up on your doorstep is liberating and life enhancing. I am wary of new vegetables. I mean, they might send me an artichoke and I won’t know what to do with it; they might send a beetroot and give me traumatic childhood flashbacks to gagging on vinegary veg; they might send me fennel; they might send me kohl rabi…

We eat broccoli, corn, peas, green beans. That might be it. Might that be it? Onions, I suppose. And occasionally soup with more random vegetables.

So, I am supposed to be branching out into uncharted culinary territory on Tuesday, but what with one thing and another, I think I might struggle. I would love to blog about a triumphant stew moment on Tuesday night, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

I am very appreciative of all the tips and advice and look forward to widening my repertoire in due course.

In the meantime, we can continue to enjoy our haggis, potatoes and baked beans; our chicken tikka with rice and green beans; our spaghetti carbonara…… repeat to actual fade….

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