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… in which I make flapjacks… #gbbo #flapjacks

I am very excited these days. Every morning I wake up buzzing for the day ahead. It’s weird. I must be riding an exercise-induced-endorphin high.

Of course, yesterday I had good reason to be excited. The Great British Bake Off is back on air – giving me a perfect example of plot structure, which always comes in handy, I find.

This year I have two aims for the Bake Off season: I plan to bake something every Tuesday to eat during Bake Off; I also plan to lose 1 to 2 lbs every week, meaning I have a normal BMI by Christmas or thereabouts. So, I’m using all my powers of doublethink.

You may know that baking is not my area of gifting; my adventures in making pancakes are well documented.

I thought that, for an easy signature bake, I would follow the flapjack recipe from the back of my porridge oats packet (despite the fact that the apostrophe and the spelling of ‘porage’ make me feel uneasy (even although both are in fact perfectly justifiable, but one does have to go through the loop of thinking about them every time you see the packet) not to mention the gender and national stereotyping on the box… unless he is the eponymous Scott, of course.)


I went to Morrison’s for the specified 20cm sandwich tin and some demerara sugar. All set.

Now, my oven is famous for burning food. Bad workman’s tools and all that. So, I figured that the 190 degrees thing was likely to end in charred oats, so I went for 175 degrees.

Recipe followed, sandwich tin in oven, 20 minutes on the timer.

So…. what do you think happened? Do you think:

Paul: It’s underbaked.

Pru: It’s a bit dry.

Or neither of the above?


Well, true to form, it was kind of a bit burnt around the edges. When I scored it into 8 wedges, as instructed, after cooling it for 15 minutes, the middle was totally squashed. Maybe I was a bit heavy handed with the pizza cutter. The syrup kind of sank to the bottom. The middle may have been totally squishy, but I had to saw the crust off, because the edges were in fact inedible.

If I was making them again, I would leave out the ground ginger. And I might add some seeds to make them a bit more protein-tastic. Not that I have any right to tinker at the edges of a recipe that probably works fine for the rest of the population. However, I don’t see how I can get them right. If I had stuck to the recipe and baked them at the 190 degrees, they would have been actual charcoal.

Maybe I need to cover them with foil for the bake or something.

Anyway, I shall forgo the title of Star Baker for this week.

Maybe next time.

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2 thoughts on “… in which I make flapjacks… #gbbo #flapjacks

  1. theotheri on said:

    I used to think baking was about following the rules. Then I learned it is more about baking following principles. It’s one of the things I like about Delia’s recipes. She’s a teacher, and she often tells you what various ingredients will accomplish – or interfere with.
    Be interested to know what you think.

    • I learned spaghetti bolognaise and carbonara from Delia. I didn’t really rate domestic science as a subject at school but I kind of regret that now. I haven’t decided what to bake next week but I’m looking forward to improving. I am hoping that trial and error will be a good strategy.

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