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Unity and balance: too much to ask? #ge2017 #noneoftheabove

If there is such a thing as an average Scottish voter – someone who voted with the majorities in both recent referenda – they want to be united to neighbouring nations: there was a No-vote to separation from the United Kingdom; there was a Remain-vote for that United Kingdom to stay within the EU.

They want unity, not separation.

Now, at this time, in this election, these same voters are faced with the prospect of a tightening up of the paradox we currently have of two one-party states: the Conservatives largely have the United Kingdom as a whole and are looking to maximize that, yet the SNP have Scotland as a whole as a minority within that practically overwhelming Conservative majority.

They want to vote for the opposition to these dominant forces. But the only foil to these parties is… these parties. To get the SNP out and put indyref2 to bed, one needs to vote Conservative. To lessen the Conservative grip, one needs to vote SNP.

The opposition is missing.

The Liberal Democrats and Labour just don’t seem like meaningful players in this particular round of votes.

The LibDem’s appeal to Remain voters seems faintly undemocratic, sort of, given the referendum result. Labour seem irrelevant, and when they try to appear relevant, they appear delusional. To me, anyway.

The thing is, I am a terrible tactical voter. It never works out they way I think it will.

I suspect that almost exactly half of Scotland will be feeling a bit queasy when they cast their vote next Thursday.

Needs must.


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One thought on “Unity and balance: too much to ask? #ge2017 #noneoftheabove

  1. Rickster on said:

    I’d vote Lib Dem if I thought it would do any good… but I know it won’t…

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