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Vote vote vote #ge2017

Want to know my opinion?


Neither do I, really.

We have voted every which way. We have voted in, voted out, shaken it all about… and now we are going to have to come up with another opinion about how we feel about various rocks and hard places, while we watch Labour slowly decompose in the background as the Liberal Democrats find still new ways to appear irrelevant (while probably ticking most people’s boxes in some vague and unconvincing way) …


So the SNP are making the Scottish side-show into a two horse race between the Tories and themselves, banking on Scotland’s deep-seated repellence of the Conservatives. What they must hope is that Labour Unionists are more Labour than Unionist. It could go either way.

It’s hard to see the SNP doing any better than last time. There aren’t many more seats to be won.  It will be interesting (sort of) to see if the Unionists can coordinate their “anything but the SNP” campaign any more effectively than the last time, instead of the unionist vote being split down the middle, letting the SNP get all practically all the seats when the music stops.

So, hand me my ballot papers and a scrubby wee pencil. I’ll use x to mark the spot to suggest where we should maybe start digging…

… And we’ll stay up all night watching Dimbleby. And we’ll consider eating our hats. And, in the morning,  if we don’t like the answers, shall we have another go?


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4 thoughts on “Vote vote vote #ge2017

  1. Rickster on said:

    I think we should have a referendum to decide whether or not we should have a general election… And I also think the SNP should put candidates in English constituencies, just to see what would happen.

  2. Good stuff. Enjoyed reading.

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