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Back in the 80s, I read an article about phobias that said that kneephobia was a phobia; kneephobia was the phobia of knees bending the wrong way.  (I think that is a totally valid phobia. Who wants their knees bending the other way? Just flamingos I think.)

My knee has gone a bit random over the last few days (it has a good reason – don’t worry), so I looked up kneephobia, only to find that it doesn’t exist and that genuphobia is a thing.

Genuphobia is a wider kind of phobia. Naked knees, kneeling, clothed knees, anything knobbly and faintly knee-esque… (no mention of the whole knees-bending-backwards thing though…)

I don’t have genuphobia though. I just have short term idiopathic kneephobia.

I sort of think my knee might bend the wrong way. Slightly.

I have a faint, mostly psychological “buckling” issue – which, while I might spend my dotage laughing on the other side of my face, is today making me imagine myself falling over a lot, which is making me smile. I keep imagining myself stoating away sideyways with no provocation and landing in a heap.

It could happen.

Genuphobia is a good word though. It’s a word that I would have missed out on if it hadn’t been for Aladdin, because I am not Catholic.

For Catholics, I believe, life has a lot of genuflecting. For me, not so much. Not until Robin Williams sang “genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee” did I use my context clues to figure that one out.

It gives me some satisfaction that I can therefore see why genuphobia is fear of knees.

Maybe Disney isn’t rotting people’s brains irreparably after all.


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2 thoughts on “Kneephobia

  1. theotheri on said:

    I was immersed in Roman Catholic institutions on almost a daily basis until my mid-twenties, and probably genuflected at least ten times a day on average. I don’t think I suffer from knee-phobia, but I have wondered if those early years explain why my left leg is so much stronger than my right.

    Hopefully your knee is not returning to some earlier socialization with flamingos, and you will soon be fully “straightened out” again!

    • Hi there Terri – thanks – yes my leg has come good. I strained my quads – that was the problem – but now that my quads have come good my knee has come back into line. Phew!
      I am not sure on the left/right stronger leg thing. I lead with my right and I figure that is why it’s always my right that gets strained – whether that be calf, groin, tendons or, in this case, quads. My left leg is always absolutely fine. So far.
      I’ve had a week off training – hoping to get back to it tomorrow. I’ll see if the knee holds up.

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