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Today, my daughter wanted a fried egg.

I remembered throwing out an egg box yesterday, after the daughters had made some cupcakes, so I told her – “We haven’t got any eggs.”

“Yes we do,” she said, and got onto her tippy toes and made me reach up, beyond my line of vision, and into the top of the top of the fridge egg holder bit, where she had loftily decanted the eggs from the egg box, while making the cupcakes, thus leaving the egg box empty, resulting in me putting the egg box in the bin and thinking, therefore, that we had no eggs.

We had eggs.

I might never have realized that there were eggs in the fridge for years and years.

Sometimes, things accumulate in fridges.

This year, it tended to be wine and champagne that accumulated in our fridge. Wine appears in the house (randomly and occasionally) and I figure I should chill it. So I put it in the fridge and await an occasion that merits opening it. (The wine-cult people now say “Who needs an occasion? …. glass of wine… glass of wine … glass of wine,” to which I say, except I don’t generally say, “Blahhhh… stop idolizing, laughing about and drinking wine as if it’s some panacea when quite clearly it’s anything but…. blahhhh….”) Champagne and Prosecco have even less chance of being actually opened, but I still have it in there, chilling away. You never know…

My rock and roll Hogmanay bash afterparty was largely a Shloer, tea and coffee event, but half a bottle of Champagne is now sitting in the fridge with a bit of clingfilm over it waiting for me to feel like drinking it by about … now… I suppose.

But what’s the chances of that? And pouring quality Champers down the sink? Not sure that counts as good stewardship of resources… but then again, I am not sure that a reality show called “Woman Versus Fridge Full of Champagne” would be terribly edifying for participant or viewers.

It shouldn’t be a lonely chore to drink leftover Champagne. It is supposed to be delicately sipped in polite company by people wearing posh, glitzy clothes…

It’s not just my champagne.

All over Scotland, perhaps the world, people are gingerly opening their fridges hoping that the mass of quality cheese within has begun to look less substantial than it did the last time they opened the fridge. How are people supposed to start their January diets with whiffy Brie and tasty Wensleydale with Cranberries clogging up their crackers?

So what do we do? Continue to host cheese and wine parties until everything is gone and we are back to the protein and veg of the Lean in Fifteen programme? Jettison the cheese and go running? Swiftly chug back the Champagne in the interests of economy?

Fortunately I haven’t much cheese left. But I’ll see what I can do about the champagne in a minute. I’ll raise a glass to my fellow bloggers, wish you all a Happy New Year -filled with interesting ideas and entertaining epiphanies.

And tomorrow I will have a cup of tea and a boiled egg. Because I can.

Because we have eggs.


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