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And the first shall be last #tweedtunneltrailrace


What a great 24 hours!

We carbed, rendezvoused and set off. The SatNav could’t cope with that cone infested interchange at Strathclyde park, so we ended up winding and winding our way through deepest darkest Lanarkshire towards Peebles and the ideal Park Hotel.

Dense fog was waiting for us in the morning as was a buffet breakfast. We chittered our way to registration and had a go on the podia (to practise, just in case).

Fog lifting, we set off of on the trail, looking the business. Not only did I have my invincibility gloves and my water gadget with jelly babies stuffed in the lining, it was also the inaugural outing of my footless compression socks. A great look.
Being overkeen, we ended up being pretty much near the front, but I was soon overtaken by some even keener gazelle type people who looked even more the business than I did. The kilometres soon started to flash past. The fog burned off and it went all sunny and glorious.

Lots of different terrain (always good).

By about 5k, the whole field had passed me and I had my “last man” feeling. Then two gazelle men came past. They must have been late for the race.

Personal triumph was making it all the way up a road called “The Sware” which I did by running all the way. The treat at the top was not only a great view but some oatcakes and a water.


Then came the really tough section of rabbity woody paths and a grassy sound-of-music hill section with a ridiculous hill and then some more hills and other hills. And an incline.

We wove our way through a wee wood down to the Tweed Tunnel which was dark and  – what do you call it when it’s scree but it’s flat? Screey?  – stony with coloured lights which was cool in a way but a bit of a worry when you are trying not to get a migraine – to be plunged out of the bright sunshine into the dark with bright lights.

img_2861By the end of the tunnel section I was really beginning to feel it, which is fair enough as I had run about 11 miles or something.

Pure gubbed so I was.


Anyway, I embraced my finish line moment.

I think I was last. (36th out of 36 women over 40) But I am very happy. I think the people in my state of fitness and ability were pretty much doing the 10k, but I am glad it takes 20k to finish me off.

Then the rain came on. (Just a little).

Peebles was looking lovely with cute shops  – but we were in no state to go in. Some sandwiches and a coffee and we were on our way.

I had a lovely time with great company and a friendly hotel. The race was marshalled by very friendly people and the route was fun and varied. Good preparation for Deerstalker 2017, I think.



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2 thoughts on “And the first shall be last #tweedtunneltrailrace

  1. Congratulations Sandra! How awesome are you! 😀

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