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Trying to get miles into reluctant legs

After hiking up and down various sheer drops in America, I have turned my attention to running up and down various inclines and declines in Scotland.

This Saturday I am doing the Tweed Tunnel 20k race which is further than I ever intended to ever go again, after I decreed that the Glasgow Half Marathon was unnecessarily far for anyone to ever require to go under their own steam.

The Tweed Tunnel thing looks fun though, and is very appropriate mid-year training for the Deerstalker, that I have penciled in as a potential highlight of 2017.

If my legs are up to it.

I only really ever run for an hour. Or half an hour – so I was keen to ‘up my distance’.

The first chance was eight miles on the West Highland Way. Plenty of ascents and descents and tracks and paths and puddles. All good – apart from a bit of a dodgy ankle that filed a bit of a formal complaint the next day.

I took it kind of easy until my next ‘up-the-distance’ event, when we did the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail in Dundee. I think we ‘ran’ for 12 miles or so, but we took about four hours because we stopped for 40 selfies.

And my ankle was a bit… meh…

The next outing was a 17k scurry about Glasgow, with the highlight being a run through the Clyde Tunnel. We crossed the Clyde a good few times on a variety of bridges.

That was when my ankle said, “Eh, haud on.”

Tendonitis apparently. No long runs.

So a while later I did a short run around Paisley, doing the “Pride of Paisley” trail which was a lot of fun.


And now, this is it. The start line is only a couple of days away. I need to lay out my kit with my water thing and my jelly babies good to go. I just need to look after my ankle and pack my chicken sandwich and my chocolate milk for afterwards.

I will be slow. It will be far. The weather is apparently going to be a bit rubbish. It should be good.

I can’t wait to have around (I hope) three hours of random terrain and weather in my face.

I hope my legs have 20k in them.

We shall see.



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7 thoughts on “Trying to get miles into reluctant legs

  1. I know you can do it! 🙂

  2. Be careful! You’ll need your ankle when you get old. 🙂

  3. Rather you than me! Good luck – you can do it!

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