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Hoovering Dust Bunnies

It has been a weird week. It really has. Not only did everything that could happen in British politics happen in British politics, but nothing happened here at home: the eye of the storm has been the calm found in the cyclone action of my Dyson.

I have been on holiday at home for a week, with the rolling news functioning as kind of info-muzak as I have wound down from the usual commitments.

Between the government melting down and there being no necessity to set an alarm, it has been an odd week of inertia and stasis.

So, what did I do?

Monday’s task was culling dust-bunnies. They had been tormenting me for months – not that I could see them: I knew they were there. Nature may well abhor vacuums, and indeed, the dust had done its best to create a dust-galaxy ex nihilo. But the dust bunnies are now gone, abhorring vacuums from inside of one.

Tuesday’s task? I’ve forgotten already. (I ask my son for clarification. He said, “I don’t keep track of days.”)

Wednesday we did shopping-for-things-we-actually-need and I cleaned my towel-rail-radiator. Rock and roll.

Thursday I fell asleep with my face in a book at Lollipop Land softplay. All good.

Today involved a lot of watching of tennis, watching of football and eating of pizza. And moving things around.

If my brain hadn’t slipped so readily into holiday mode, I figure I might have had some interesting things to think about the state of the nation/nations and various political unions and things – but things are so fluxional, I can’t get a handle on it.

It’s at this point that I need to turn the vacuum/dust bunny thing into a metaphor for Brexit.

But I’m on holiday.



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10 thoughts on “Hoovering Dust Bunnies

  1. At this end of the country we’ve been dealing with the consequences of flooding (workplace destroyed) so that coupled with the referendum and its aftermath has felt disturbingly apocalyptic.

    I’m expecting Wagner to pop up and write an opera about it.

  2. Dyson does not a Hoover make! However, there is a Hoover Dam, which might also be termed a “dyke”; I’m not so sure about it though.
    We are newly retired from our “go-his-way-I-go-mine” existence of the last 45 years. Ahem. Discovering we do NOTHING alike, not even talking.
    Every day, over here, is a new learning experience, and yet, every day is a Saturday. Sighs. 😉

  3. PS, “dust bunnies”? Not oose?

  4. sharingiscaring00 on said:

    I clean the “dust bunnies” because I am allergic to dust. Allergy season here in Chicago IL USA is really bad the older we get. ~Jackie

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