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Domino Day #brexit #remain

Well, that was unexpected – and almost exactly what I didn’t want.

On the first of this month I wrote:

 “What I don’t want is ‘EnglandandWales’ dragging us out of the European Union and for Salmond and Co to reach for their smackeroonies to invest in another campaign for Indyref 2.0.. I couldn’t take a sudden onset/relapse of referendum fatigue.”

And it looks as if that is where we are.

And fair enough. The results map, while predominantly blue for Brexit across ‘EnglandandWales’ had an unbroken yellow beacon of Remain in the form of Scotland.

While I figured that Scotland would be largely Remain, I didn’t think it would be quite as of-one-mind as it was and I didn’t think that Scotland would be quite so on its own in that.

I really didn’t think there’d be a Brexit – especially with the Remain swing that seemed to happen in the aftermath of the murder/assassination.

So, here we are, with dominoes of consequence toppling all over the place, with London looking a bit politically isolated from the country of which it is capital and Scotland looking evermore like a stray Scandanavian country attached to EnglandandWales.

It has been a very odd day.


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5 thoughts on “Domino Day #brexit #remain

  1. theotheri on said:

    I, too, was almost speechless when I saw the Brexit result this morning. You are now processing the result as a Scot. I’m processing it as an American. The worst aspect of that are the number of people (including journalists) who seem to think that Donald Trump is offering a similar solution to problems posed by the Brexit referendum. Trump himself, in his humble way, has announced that he was the one who convinced Britain to vote for Brexit.

    Well, whatever one might think of Brexit (and I like you was a committed Remain), the issues being championed by Trump are qualitatively different from those around which Brexit was decided.

    Sigh. Guess I’d better sign off here and go vent on my own blog. Just wanted to say that I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this vexed question.

    • I couldn’t claim to be a committed Remain – in isolation, the EU wasn’t an issue that excited me particularly one way or another. It’s the knock-on that is the issue – for all of us now.
      Trump is a nightmare.

  2. Yes, lots of sad people here – not just those who voted to Remain, but I think there are many Leave voters who have now realised that perhaps it wasn’t the best choice – I’m thinking of the NHS situation, which I think was a deciding factor for many.

    • I am interested to see how Nicola Sturgeon plays this one out. Scotland will have to retain one of its political unions to have any hope economically.
      Interesting times.

      • I heard her yesterday morning on the TV and I thought she talked a lot of sense – mainly that they couldn’t rush into anything and the situation now was quite different from the situation at the time of the independence referendum. The interviewer was trying his hardest to make her commit to all sorts of things, but she just kept saying it was too soon. So… watch this space, I think.

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