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So, most of Scotland is heading off to the airport this weekend. Not us, though. So, I’ll just sit here, and you’d all better get packed.
Have you got a no-go-zone in your house where the holiday-packing has been ironed within an inch of its life and set apart? Do you have children moping around in embarrassing half-mast joggies and unseasonal mis-matched separates? Well, if you will iron…

Maybe you are still subconsciously adhering to the suggestions laid down in the Brownie Guide handbook.There was this very inspirational picture, back in the day. They had “borrowed some x-ray equipment so that you can see right into a well packed suitcase”:


Brilliant. I used to look at this picture a lot. It is seared onto my subconscious.

(There was also another picture I used to like, with a girl cleaning a vase with “elbow grease”. It took me a LONG number of years to figure out what elbow grease was. I haven’t found that picture again yet. When you search the words “brownie” and “grease” you only get recipes!)

When we are holidaying in Scotland, I have a great packing strategy. I fill our laundry basket with everything that’s big and annoying: hiking boots, swimming stuff, waterproofs etc while clothes are in more conventional bags. Then, on the way back, the laundry basket is full of stuff to be washed and any clean stuff is identifiable by being in a bag. This is progress, though. I used to just allocate each person a large Sainsbury’s bag. Now we use actual luggage. Mostly.

Holidaying abroad is different. The good thing is you don’t need to take EVERYTHING you own, because the weather will be something more specific that the four-seasons-in-one-hour that Scotland can do to you.

If it’s a new place you are going to and you feel you are hedging your bets between conflicting items – just stop! Take neither. Buy the relevant thing when you get there. They’ll have millions of the very dab in every SPAR/SPAR equivalent.

Here are my top tips:

  • The further you are going, the less you should take.
  • Don’t iron. Crush.
  • Be prepared to buy stuff in situ rather than take stuff that might be utterly irrelevant.

But most importantly, always remember to think about Julie Andrews when you head off, wearing those stretchy slacks and socially unacceptable comfy sketcher-style loafers:

“And these travel clothes that you’re all wearing?”

Our costumes, naturally.”


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