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Running is a funny thing. No one actually likes it. People who do it hate it a lot, and the more they do it the more they want to do it, so they can get to the point that they hate doing it. They like having run, though.

Running is a thing everyone thinks they can do. But most people can’t. When you hit a certain stage in life and then resolve to start to run, the horror suddenly hits you, that if you were ever to be pursued by a bad guy, you’d get as far as the next lamppost and then have to surrender.

But if the cops come for me down the alleys of NYC ever, I’ll be able to outrun them, and then scale some of those chicken-wire gates and I’ll be away up a fire escape before they read me my Mirandas. In my dreams…

Here’s the key point. It’s all in the underwear. If you have a figure anything like mine, there is NO POINT in running unless you have the right underwear. I recommend a thorough browse of lessbounce.co.uk. Honestly, the right support revolutionizes your chances of getting from A to B without some kind of a flailing flabby fail. A thoughtful purchase from lessbounce makes it possible to run at all. (I have just discovered that less bounce has paired up with and become booby do!)

As for the running itself, I hate it. This is good, in a way, because it means I don’t have to run very far before I get to the stage that I hate it. Other people have to run way further than that.

Some things make running more tolerable. Running in beautiful places and interesting places is good, as it takes your mind off the running. Running off road and through unfamiliar and varied landscapes helps too, as you are too busy trying not to deck it to realize how much running you are doing.

Running with people is a funny one. It’s okay if you are 100% sure that you and your running buddy are 100% happy with the pace. Otherwise you end up with a sense of guilt and unease for the full time you are out – feeling bad that you are holding them up or feeling bad that they feel bad that they think they are holding you up, or feeling like you are going to keel over or vomit in a bush because you are kidding on you are happy with the pace but you really aren’t coping but want to save face.

That kind of thing.

There was quite a bit of running during the event on Saturday.

I really enjoyed myself.

major run 2016


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One thought on “#Running

  1. You look so happy hating what you are doing, lol

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