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Chocolate Milk and a Chicken Sandwich #majorseries

Despite a residual dissatisfaction with my shorts selection (I went with 3/4 length… meh…) the Major Series Scotland was excellent. Beautiful setting, varied terrain, wee swim in a river – but the striking thing about it was the friendliness and supportiveness of the volunteers and stewards. There seemed to be a very deliberate effort to ensure people had a fun and safe time. Which, for this kind of race, is kind of important.

I could do everything around the course. Usually I have to skip obstacles that involve landing in water. I did have to modify my approach to the big slide as there was a theoretical possibility that my face would wind up suddenly submerged, so I went feet first and got a bit stuck and had to shufflebum down the last bit. But apart from that, the course was inclusive for those with my particular brand of hydrophobia.

What I struggle with most after these daft events is the recovery. I zone out for a few days and then feel sick and drained for a week. I think the ‘drained’ thing may be kind of nutritionally literal, so I have decided to try to prevent a seven-day-post-race-dip by stuffing my face from the moment the race finished until, like, Wednesday. And we will see how that goes.

Since the race I have had a chocolate milkshake, a chicken sandwich, a mars bar, a double decker, several cups of tea, an orange’n’lemonade, my bodyweight in pasta’n’pesto and two steaks. And chocolate cake and ice cream. And a nut protein bar thing. I think that’s it. But the night is young.

I spent all afternoon unconscious on a picnic rug in the back garden and am looking forward to sleeping enthusiastically for the next couple of days. And eating more things.



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9 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk and a Chicken Sandwich #majorseries

  1. It sounds like you have your reenergizing plan under control 😀 I’m so happy you had a great run!

  2. Supportiveness is the wind that fill the sail and makes life a lovely, breezy skim across a sparkling tide. So glad you found some. (Despite the shorts. Haha!)

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