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Key Looks for Early Summer #fashion

Not that I’d know. But I was at a posh do and saw some.

(As for me, I went into a shop, picked up a dress, tried it on and bought it – to a chorus of, “You look fine, Mum.” This is huge progress from the same time of year, seventeen years ago, when I tried on every dress in Glasgow and couldn’t find anything to fit apart from one that was hundreds of pounds. Which was a lot of money in those days… Ended up laughing/crying hysterically, sitting on the floor of some fitting room somewhere thinking “every dress in Glasgow ” and still having nothing to wear…

Changed days. Pret a porter and all that. I can put it down to the fitness thing. I now am a shape, more or less, that shops make dresses the shape of. Roughly. It’s all in the obliques – now that mine know that they are a thing and they do their best to draw my natural barrellesque frame into some kind of a waist arrangement. Very handy when one wants to make a dress purchase.)

Here are the Key Looks:

Key Look 1: Delicate floral on white. This is a thing. This is what I got.

Key Look 2: Long 70s style dresses – some vibrant and self-coloured, some spookily reminiscent of the wallpaper in my bedroom in the 70s that, when you looked at it hard enough, transmogrified into scary faces. Except it was actually stylized flowers, in both cases.

Key Look 3: a wide range of neutral and nude tones from buff to pale pastel metallics in stretchy and quite unforgiving fabric. The thing was that everyone who went for the neutral, unforgiving fabric looked amazing in it, which I thought was statistically unlikely, but really, everyone looked great.

Key Look 4: Bold and chunky monochrome patterns. Maybe this is the way to cover over a multitude of sins.

Posh do over, I return to my comfort zone of race-goodie-bag-t-shirts and camouflage leggings.

😎 Still lookin’ amazing, obv. 😆


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2 thoughts on “Key Looks for Early Summer #fashion

  1. I share your outlook on fashion 😀 lol

  2. I think the delicate floral on white is a great idea! (And I remember when you bought silver sandals… ❤ )

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