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Measure for Measure

The last lap, the smallest sculpture (again) and the journey home. #stockholm

It was a beautiful, still morning on my last day in Stockholm. The city was apparently on a Sunday morning go-slow, apart from the running community who were out in force. The 10k around Sodermalm that I had planned suddenly felt too far, so I headed off towards Gamla Stan again for a general scurry about in the sunshine. Beautiful day.


I also wanted to go back and see Järnpojke again – “the little boy who looks at the moon” and get a picture this time. Here he is:


I checked out of my floating hotel:


and made my way northwards with my wheelie-case bumping over the cobbles of the Old Town towards the Arlanda Express.

The Arlanda Express is an utterly idiot-proof transfer train to the airport, making Stockholm an ideal destination for the incompetent. They text the ticket to your phone and that’s it. Sit back, relax and know that it only goes to the airport. No opportunities for a stuff up.

I had two flights to get home, and sat around finishing “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and beginning “Never Let me Go”.

I ended up next to a couple of other solo travellers on the way home – and sitting with them was like momentarily living in a movie. The guy managed to strike up a chat-up on the thinnest of grounds, and before long, he and the girl were vigorously comparing tattoos and extolling the virtues of pseudo-Buddhist philosophy while planning to meet up again, should their hemispheres ever be in alignment again. In a movie, they’d be off to get married in Sri Lanka by now. But then, I suppose he had that contract with that multi-national to work on.

So I just kept on reading “Never Let Me Go” while being relieved that I wasn’t in the middle seat with no tattoos to compare.

Back in Edinburgh it was comfortingly freezing, and the queue at the Flying Scot pickup stance was in grumpy spirits, as they stood there in their holiday polo shirts waiting for the shuttle bus, chittering and making sarky quips.

I love Scotland.

I rounded off my three days with a Haggis Supper and a cup of tea. Glad to have made some memories, and I recommend Stockholm for a city-break.



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