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Stockholm from home

I’m in Sweden, in a home from home, it turns out.

After involuntarily balking at a few restaurant doors, I got so hungry I had to fly in the face of the primal need to ‘eat in community’ and ended up here- in “Pitcher’s” – a faintly Scottishy, faintly golf-themed pub looking for a table-for-one.    Dunno what the menu was about though 😂


Ten out of ten to the waitress who took pity on me and found me a whole booth to myself. Fish and chips were very, very welcome after my running tour of the city with David from Madrid.

Random. And my booth has pictures of St Andrews on the wall- including a building in which I used to live, even. Chances of that?

My Fitbit had gone into shock, I think. Never before have so many calories been burned and eaten in such quick succession.

I just hope I can find my way back to my accommodation. Sort of.

It’s a boat in a permanent berth. I have a teeny weeny cabin and the potentially alarming “shared toilet” and “shared shower”. So far so good though. Great shower. (And all to myself!! Phew!)

The running tour was great. Just what the doctor would order after any flight. Cobwebs blown right out and a thorough reconnoiter of the city in the bag before dinner.


What did I learn?

Sweden is Protestant. Sweden is lefty-liberal-ish (apart from the right-wing fringe). They’ve got royalty. They’ve got history. They did various ancient wars but not-so-much in the 20th century when they kind of passively watched the Nazi thing as it marched towards Norway.

The people are nice. The people are quiet. The people won’t give you any bother. Their most famous museum is about a boat that sunk after getting not-so-far. Their second most famous museum is outside. (The Abba museum didn’t warrant a mention on the tour. I didn’t let on that that’s why I’m here!)

I saw the city hall, the Royal palace, the prime minister’s residence and other government buildings. I saw the smallest statue in Stockholm (where you touch the statue’s head and make a wish and Stockholm’s believers leave him wee presents and outfits). I went up hills to viewpoints, did a few sit-ups and push-ups and jumps and a couple of fartleks (as they are Swedish). I saw touristy shopping streets and ancient churches.
The girl in “Pitcher’s” has brought the bill. I’ll be off then.



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One thought on “Stockholm from home

  1. theotheri on said:

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

    You look terrific, btw.

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