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“It Might Hae Been Worse” by John Cooper #ww1 #firstworldwar #trenchwarfare


 Grandpa’s book has been published, the ebook available now on Amazon.

“It Might Hae Been Worse” describes John Cooper’s experiences during the second half of the First World War.

During the war, he wrote many letters to his sister and uncle. After the war, he used these letters to produce a detailed account of his training and service.

Chapters are:

  • Mobilisation and training
  • France: Life and Death at the Front
  • Hospitalised with Trench Fever
  • ‘Up the Line’ Again
  • Captivity
  • Freedom

The account is very detailed with several memorable incidents and descriptions. As a family we were keen to have the account available to interested parties for the centenary of his experiences, and are thankful that his story was picked up by Dundee Libraries and is now accessible for the next generation.

“I have tried ever to tell the story simply and plainly, avoiding comment inspired by subsequent events or later reflections. Each incident is pictured as it appeared to me at the time of its occurrence…”

“There is very little of the glory of war. There is a good deal of its misery of mind and body and its humorous side is not forgotten.”



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One thought on ““It Might Hae Been Worse” by John Cooper #ww1 #firstworldwar #trenchwarfare

  1. theotheri on said:

    In this instance, I feel I am inadequate – even possibly unworthy – to make any more comment than Thank You – to you, your family, and most especially to John Cooper, and all who fought with him. They changed the course many lives, including mine.

    Thank you.

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