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I think there’s light at the end of the pipe…

Plumbing glitches. We’ve had a few.

If a visitor needed to avail themselves of the facilities, they had to be told….

… in The Upstairs, the toilet works but the flush never stops so you have to press it twice. And there’s no plug in the sink and the bath taps are wobbly. And the shower-over-bath doesn’t drain but it’s not your fault and it will eventually; or you can use The Downstairs, but the sink doesn’t work so you can wash your hands in The Upstairs; and The Downstairs’ shower used to work, but one day, a few years ago, there was a burning smell of sour fish from the external switch and we’ve never used it since…

This (with the help of polite guests and a plunger) seemed to get us by.

Then The Downstairs’ toilet broke.

Then there was no way to patch together a satisfactory bathroom-related experience.

That’s all I want.

Furthermore, the previous owners of this house overreached themselves in their design of The Downstairs. It is a microscopic room, only really big enough for a toilet and a hand-wash sink. But by having the toilet installed all squinty, they managed to put in a shower cubicle for the thin and some shelves for dust-gathering-seldom-or-in-fact-never-used-obscure-sundries you can barely get access to, should you ever want to.

I dream of a little restroom that is fit for purpose, that is honest with itself. Robust taps. Hearty flush.

Today a plumber came and worked the first round of his magic.

Maybe one day soon, a visitor will be able to visit, and when facilities are required, I’ll be able to give a helpful but nonchalant gesture of assent and direction.

Just a pipe dream?…


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5 thoughts on “I think there’s light at the end of the pipe…

  1. theotheri on said:

    Been there too! In fact, we have a plumber coming in tomorrow to give us an estimate on turning our 1950’s creation into a proper shower.

    • This morning we had another flood. Hope the plumber swings by again soon. All the best with your shower. Hope you get a good one. Makes all the difference on a bleary morning.

      • theotheri on said:

        Hope you keep us informed of your progress. At least I hope it’s progress and not regress. I have found that good plumbers are not always easy to identify before the event…
        Best Wishes!

  2. For too long we had no handle on the inside of the bathroom door. Fine for the regulars who knew just how much pressure to put on the door to keep it shut whilst still giving enough to lever it open afterwards. Not so good for the unwary who confidently completely closed the door to find themselves trapped. Rescues effected (shoulder to the door) after alarms raised by mobile phone.

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