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Partial Warrior (Ironic deviation from Peace theme…)




I “completed” Total Warrior Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago with a great team.

There were some really good mud obstacles, but far too many daft walls that were way too high to get over unless one was lobbed over in ungainly fashion by a burly bloke. So I walked round a few. Which would be considered cheating if I wasn’t convinced I could actually get over them. I just had had enough of climbing over them.

The other “fails” for me were the three opportunities to end up landing in water. I still can’t do that. So I missed the long jump, the jumping over fire and the monkey bars over water – although I swam the monkey bar obstacle just to give myself a wee rinse as I was a bit caked.

I was very happy in “the plunge” obstacle, as I thought, on approach, that it would be filled with ice like the “arctic enema” from Tough Mudder – but no, it was just water – and most welcome.

Total Warrior was cold, it was wet, it was muddy  –  and the two McChicken sandwiches I had for lunch afterwards were most welcome.


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4 thoughts on “Partial Warrior (Ironic deviation from Peace theme…)

  1. I love the expression on your face in the pictures, you look so happy! It is priceless and inspiring. 😀

  2. I think you are mad – but congratulations for completing it (apart from the few things you missed). 🙂

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