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Top ten things about “Prison Break” #prisonbreak

It’s tricky to review “Prison Break” without ruining it. Here’s a spoiler-free list of what I liked about it:

1. The Prison. Very Shawshank.
2. Echoes of “[H]ouse” – Tancredi was 13 and Mahone was [H]ouse.
3. Depth of characterisation.
4. How people got killed off that you’d have thought couldn’t be killed off while having the plot still work out but they were and it managed.
5. Theodore Bagwell. His lines were brilliant. His character was complex. I enjoyed feeling conflicted about having such an ‘evil’ character as one of my favourites.
6. Parent-child relationships being utterly core to almost every character’s ultimate motivation in a kind of clunky and deliberate way.
7. So many deus ex machinas I came to expect them, and enjoyed expecting them.
8. How Sucre called Michael “Papi”.
9. Long-term characterisation of Bellick and Mahone.
10. The consistent level of tension from beginning to end.


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One thought on “Top ten things about “Prison Break” #prisonbreak

  1. I remember watching an episode or two, but it got away from me, I had heard good things but I never pursued it. I am glad you like it. 🙂

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