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Bikini Bodies and Flamingos

I packed my flamingo bikini and got on the plane. Imagine my delight, when leafing through the in-flight magazine, as I discovered that flamingos are all the rage this season. Whoop.

This was second only to the delight of finding the flamingo bikini in the first place – and that it actually fitted. (One has to blank out the unfortunate “overhang” issue of course, but hey, no one cares. As long as I didn’t ever sit up, people would still be able to see I was wearing both bits…)

Zoning out in the heat alongside me were many others who had also decided to believe the meme “How to get a bikini body: put a bikini on your body”.
Perhaps surprisingly the count of people who looked good in bikinis had gone up since last year. But most people looked like a disaster of one sort or another, as did I – but were were all happy and on holiday. And I lay there smugly knowing that were all secretly jealous of my fab flamingo bikini…

My body, if it were art, is a sculptural oxymoron, I reflected, as I assessed the affect of the rays from that first day. My arms are reaonably toned and muscular, as are my legs – sculpted by two and a half years of fitness training. My abs, were they nearer the surface, would be, hypothetically speaking, beautifully delinieated – but in reality, no amount of ab work can make up for what the children did to my skin when they were in there.

In my own defence, I do know that this is true – I have actually done the ab work. I have done as much as is possible without resorting to surgery. I can plank to my heart’s content. And my heart is content.

We went to “Palmitos Park” which was a beautiful botanical/zoological garden/park and I was particularly delighted to see some flamingos there. They were absolutely beautiful. In the pink, as it were.

IMG_0060-0I wonder if they knew that they were de rigeuer.

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2 thoughts on “Bikini Bodies and Flamingos

  1. I love the current public service campaign “every body is a bikini body” You should be so proud of your strong and athletic body while also being proud of how incredibly strong, resilient and adaptable a woman’s body has to be to be able to house a small human for nine months. As I write this to you, I am trying to impress it onto my own mind. It is so easy to say it honestly to someone else, not so easy to actually believe the words when it comes to yourself. 🙂

  2. Your flamingo bikini sounds fab. 🙂

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