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Trying not to think of Scotland in Orwellian terms #doublethink #ga2015 #ge2015

A vote for anything but the SNP was futile. The No voters were stuck with an unappealing array of people to vote for – and almost anything you wanted to vote for had an unpalatable downside. Just a hellish loop of futile tactical voting.

I remember back in 1997, this area was Tory and when Jim Murphy got in – it was a jawdropper. He was so young and unheard of, and I figured they had just put him here as they thought he had no chance of winning. Then this year, when the SNP beat him, it was an equal jawdropper in some respects – as this was now, theoretically, a safe Labour seat.

All in all though, good to see a clearout at Westminster and some fresh faces – but alarming to be living in a one-party (almost) (almost) country. And in Westminster the ruling party is one whose first idea was pretty much to do with the abolition of the Human Rights Act…

All very 1984.

Soctland also dipped its toe in 1984 at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. They have decided to “solve” the quandary of ministers-in-same-sex-relationships by adopting doublethink.

They have decided that they think that same-sex relationships are not what they church agrees with, but that if a congregation within the church thinks that they want a minister who is in a civil partnership, that’s ok.

So, the Church of Scotland holds two opposing views simultaneously – which is genius on the one hand, but clearly utter nonsense on the other. And doublethink.

It’s like no one has read 1984.

I should read 1984 again.


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11 thoughts on “Trying not to think of Scotland in Orwellian terms #doublethink #ga2015 #ge2015

  1. I read 1984 in high school, ironically somewhere around 1984. lol I can’t for the life of me remember what impact it had on me alone, before the teacher put his stamp on it as all teachers do when you read a book or a text they require of you. I remember enjoying it because it was in the sci-fi/fantasy realm, but I don’t recall if it made me nervous or if I had any foreboding. It’s a little weird to be now in 2015 and 1984 is still a relevant book and topic. I think that politics everywhere has gotten to be a big untidy mess. 😦

    • I think it was very wise of Orwell to take his context in the late 40s and put it into a fantasy future so that parallels can be drawn for all time. When I get bleak about politics, I have to be thankful that no matter how flawed the system is, at least there is democracy as an ideal in there. There are many many places where there is no chance for anyone to have an honest say.

  2. Over here we have a saying: The fact that you are paranoid does NOT mean I am not out to get you.

    I share your grief.

    On another note, have you seen the film entitled Mrs. Brown? Thoroughly enjoyed it and wondered if you did…

    • Yes – I have seen it – quite a few years ago. The appeal of it for me is that a lot of it was filmed in one of my favourite parts of Scotland – near Balmoral which is the Queen’s summer retreat. Trees, mountains, rivers, red squirrels, RAIN… we were there a few weeks ago – (I posted a few posts ago about the frogs we saw – that was in the foothills of the (ironically named) mountain of Lochnagar – which Queen Victoria was very keen on. Prince Charles wrote a children’s book “the Old Man of Lochnagar” and the whole area, though remote, is very popular with the royals of his generation. We have been to Balmoral many times – you can see the Queen’s vegetable plot – very impressive!
      As for the movie – I remember being pleased that they didn’t cross any line of appropriateness when they might have done. John Brown was real – there are plenty of photos at Balmoral.

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