Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

“Double Life”, a #poem about #frogs

Double Life11149389_10153159001057973_6740256736843096470_n

Familiar alien, half submerged,
Bug-eyed, unblinking and still.
You’re Kermit,
Toad of Toad Hall,
Jeremy Fisher in ballet,
A wide-mouthed frog on a birthday card
Wishing me ‘A Hoppy Birthday’.

Paired in a puddle, a couple of frogs
Bob near spawn.
A sunken cluster:
rubber bubbles,
soft marbles,
jumbo tapioca,
clear grapes with black pips.

Pose for my mind’s life cycle diagram:
A before and after in the same shot.
Annotated arrows jump into frame:
“Metamorphosis” unfurls the ripe dot.

Tiny tails pulse and wiggle,
Tadpoles race at random,
Growing legs and losing gills…

And one day your legs will touch the bottom
And your head will break the surface
And you will breathe air
And see the sun.

Visible change
Of one thing into another
Entirely contained in the first,
And again.

You balance a bask and wallow
In ditch and swamp
Between wet, warm and cold.
In and out.

Common frog.
A cold blooded stranger.


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