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Floating Voter #leadersdebate

I’d be relatively happy if there wasn’t an election coming up. I think that the unsatisfactory coalition has been pretty much satisfactory. Money-savvy Tories tempered by thoughtful but hapless Liberal Democrats. Fine.

I’m in two minds about Labour. Ed Miliband I find utterly unconvincing, but our local Labour MP Jim Murphy does well. So, I could perhaps vote for Jim… but then get Ed in charge. I’d be happy to have Jim as my local representative if Ed was kept out of Downing Street, but it’s hard to make that work with a single vote.

But anyway, Jim has different plans on his agenda. He wants to get a job in the Scottish Parliament at the next Scottish Election, so he wouldn’t be my MP for long anyway. So I might as well not vote for him.

Anyway, I don’t think Labour can improve the economy. They don’t seem to know how many beans make five. The Tories too are struggling with that one.
But at least they think the beans are finite.

I am not sure whether Labour were just unfortunate to be at the helm when the economy crashed, or whether they were incompetent. I thought Gordon Brown was considered to be good at his job, back in the day, but it didn’t turn out so well.

Nicola Sturgeon did really well on the TV debate. If it wasn’t for her obsession with Independence, I’d be a fan. I am glad that she is approaching this election with positive engagement with the process and an intent to play ball. The depressing thing is that if the SNP do well, it’ll be Ed Miliband in office. I’d rather have Nicola at Number 10. Kind of. Except she likes everything to be free. Which I always struggle with, when it comes to the funding of everything.

Farage seems to be good at counting out how many beans make five. He knows that they are finite and that we haven’t got any. His main ideas don’t resonate in Scotland. Scotland in pro-diversity and Europhile, I think. Generally.

The rainbow spread represented does mean we are likely to end up with a mish-mash again. I think this is a good thing. I’d prefer a minority government of whatever colour and have things pushed through policy by policy rather than having a gung-ho majority government crushing dissent.

The worst case scenario is possible though. We could end up with a minority government with such large opposition that nothing gets passed and we have to start over again.

I hope that people vote for what they actually think, rather than voting tactically for the Prime Minister they despise less. And I hope that the politicians do their best to form a functioning government that has some teeth, and some sense.

But I am not clear about the realities behind the economics. And I suspect I am not the only one.


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3 thoughts on “Floating Voter #leadersdebate

  1. I wish more were as thoughtful as you! 😀

  2. theotheri on said:

    It’s fascinating to read your thinking on this. It’s going to be five turbulent weeks. I would have thought that Milliband would benefit from an SNP landslide, too, but read that it’s the Tories that would benefit. From here, it looks as if not even the professionals really know.

    Like you, would worry that about are Parliament that’s so split it can’t get anything done. It’s been happening in the U.S. Congress and it has only served to undermine democracy rather than help the people.

    Whew! and Yikes! as they are wont to say where I come from.

    • Thanks for the comment – I think the Scottish vote thing is going to be really interesting – the SNP have retained their 45% from the referendum but the 55% remaining are scattered through all the other parties so there is a likelihood of a lot of tactical voting.

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