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The Same Hymn Sheet, a poem #equality #diversity

The Same Hymn Sheet

We need to sing from the same hymn sheet,
You know,
The sheet that says whatever you like?

That one.

I’ll sing from mine,
And you sing from yours.

Obviously my song is better
And that’s why I’m singing it:
Fah la la la!!!

And you think your song is better
And that’s why you’re singing it.

And we all sing,
And we all sing,
And we all sing what we like,
From the same hymn sheet.

My song is the right song
We should all be singing,
If we understood
That my song is
The right song.

It’s not the right song
Because it’s mine.

Your song is not the wrong song
Because it’s yours.

You and me
Have nothing to do with it.

Have a hymn sheet,
Sing your song.

And we sing,
And we listen.

And we turn
Things cacophonous


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4 thoughts on “The Same Hymn Sheet, a poem #equality #diversity

  1. I’ll sing my song while you sing your sing and we’ll be singing our songs together harmoniously, tone deaf, melodically, however it sounds, it will be our song 😀

  2. theotheri on said:

    No, I’m not singing my song because I think it’s better. My song has changed too often during my life time to think that my current version i somehow now the “right” one. It’s still incomplete. I think I’m singing my son g because that’s the role in the orchestra that destiny (fate? God?) has given me to sing at this point in my life. You have been given a different role. But we all need each other if we are to have a complete rendition. We all need each other. And we all need each other to be different.

    We humans seem to have this passion to rank everything. But just because we’re different, doesn’t mean we’re not equal. As Laurie just said, we’ll each sing our songs together. If we were all the same, we wouldn’t have harmony.

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