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Burpee Reminiscences

I have just been having a trawl through my YouTubes and remembering fondly the 15 burpees for 15 days challenge set to celebrate the 15th anniversary of BMF.

Thanks to Charlie for setting the challenge – it was, without doubt, one of the most fun things I have ever done.

The challenge was simply to do 15 burpees for 15 days and to post evidence that you had done it on the facebook.

On day 1, I happened to be in a museum, so I dressed up in a uniform of a 1746 soldier and did my burpees.

The next day I was going to an ancient monument “Corrimony Cairn” and so I did my burpees there.

Meanwhile the competition began to hot up. From burpees in their lounges and gardens, people ventured out to do burpees in their work places and leisure places. People began to spice up their movies with daft outfits and themes.

Oh the stress of knowing that the next day would bring stiffer competition and the pressure to think of a new context in which to do burpees!

I did Minecraft burpees, Psycho burpees, burpees on rollerskates, burpees in a boat, Highlander burpees, poetic burpees, burpees as batwoman, burpees as a patient in an episode of [H]ouse…

Meanwhile the competitiors did burpees in a swamp, burpees in a morph suit, burpees in … not much at all…. it all got a bit surreal towards the end.

Every day I would be twitching to get my children aka film crew out of school so they could come and film the burpees. If only it had only been 15 a day – sometimes several takes were required.

The endorphin high got higher and higher…

As well as benefitting from doing the burpees, I learned a lot about how to do things with the video apps – from making the rookie mistake of shooting in portrait to learning how to include titles and special effects.

All in a fortnight I will never forget.

I learned that no one bats an eyelid. Do what you want.

Thanks to Cathy, Pauline, Ian, Andrea and the rest of the troops for providing the benchmarks to compete with!

I have too many favourites. So here’s one of them.


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7 thoughts on “Burpee Reminiscences

  1. You are my Superhero!!!!!!!

  2. Great memories. My favourite was the House one followed by the intrepid burgers in a boat. And wasn’t there one at the school playground? V freeing to not worry about what people think; wish I had known this year’s ago.

    But couldn’t get above link to work.

  3. *years* Rogue apostrophe thanks to spellcheck. And my failure to spot spellcheck failing.

  4. Got it, thanks! Ah yes, Batwoman in the playground!

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