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The Advent Calendar, a poem

The Advent Calendar

Little doors;
Little fingers;
Little eyes;
Little pictures;
Little numbers;
Little hinges:
Prise to a prize.

Open the door,
Day twenty four.
A manger, a star,
Wise men from afar,
The shepherds and Mary
With Joseph and baby,
An angel in glory:
Nativity story.

Little fingers,
Little eyes:
A bundle of joy
Abundance of hope.


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3 thoughts on “The Advent Calendar, a poem

  1. I follow a French blogger Coco Jobard, she is a food stylist and she wrote about an advent calender with chocolates behind each window! 😀

    Beautiful poem 🙂

    • Yes almost all our advent calendars are just a chocolate. When I was wee there was always a picture. It was still very exciting to open it each day. The last day always had double doors of a stable view. When I was about ten, my friend and her brother got a chocolate one. All you got was a chocolate and an empty space. I think it’s sad. So saying, that’s what my kids get. So I wanted to write this poem about the little pictures from when I was little.

      • I remember my advent calendars to be the same as your’s when you were little. The pictures had meaning and the last one was the double door showing the manger with baby Jesus. I thought that the chocolate pieces were an added bonus and not instead of the important scenes that lead up until the 25th.

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