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Tea Sonnet

Tea Sonnet

I quantify success in terms of tea:
When I can drink a cup when it is hot
From my first sip until the last I see –
You’d think this was the case more oft than not.
But sadly taking tea means taking time.
A proper cup needs three minutes to brew.
An interruption – tantamount to crime! –
When such neglect can leave a bag to stew.
The water must be boiling when it’s poured.
If cooler, tea will not be well infused.
Outwith this land this detail is ignored –
I state it now – you must not be confused!
Select your blend and put the kettle on.
I’ll do the same. I think I’ll have Ceylon.


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3 thoughts on “Tea Sonnet

  1. I have missed your poetry so much! I love this, it got me hankering for a nice cup of Earl Grey. 🙂

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