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Top Eight Worst Sleep Venues I have chosen

1. On the floor in Abu Dhabi airport. I was warm when I went to sleep. When I woke up I was acutely aware that it was a stone floor. Very chilly.

2. Bivouacking in Glen Gairn. The ground seemed flat when we pitched the tent. During the night it seemed to tilt alarmingly and, though sleeping, I was clinging on for dear life.

3. Mather Campground, Grand Canyon. It was minus 6 degrees and my sleeping bag was rubbish, so at one point I was convulsing with the cold. Spent some time crouched in the public toilet for a heat against the pipes.

4. Maternity hospital – at the stage where sleep wasn’t really going to happen anyway. I used to just get into bed and wait until morning. On the antenatal ward there was one woman vomiting all the time. All the time. And then there was another one about to have the baby then and there and in total denial and refusing to go to the labour ward with amniotic fluid splashing everywhere – just LEAVE woman!

5. The YWCA in Calcutta – although I am glad it wasn’t me that got a bat stuck in their mosquito net.

6. Many and varied libraries and lecture theatres in St Andrews. Repeatedly waking up dehydrated with Jean Paul Sartre stuck to my face.

7. Oh my goodness – the Calcutta to Bombay overnight train! The sheets I was given for my middle bunk in the triple bunk bed had a big wet patch when the porter gave me them. Eek. I just remember stashing all my valuables under myself for security. Wasn’t the most comfy!

8. Ah… once I fell asleep on a couch in a room – and then woke up to hear a conversation I knew I shouldn’t be listening to – so was trapped there, pretending to be asleep for what seemed like a very long time, until the people went away and I could convincingly ‘wake up’ in natural good time…

Of course, this was going to be a Top Ten list – but, I only have a top eight.

I sleep pretty well, thankfully.


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7 thoughts on “Top Eight Worst Sleep Venues I have chosen

  1. theotheri on said:

    I thought I had a pretty good list. But yours beats it by a mile. I’m not tempted to look for some competitive alternatives.

  2. You have me beat by a mile, but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for your poor back. Great traveling stories though 😀

  3. Standing up in a public telephone box. It was situated on a raiway platform.
    (To avoid the very large rats roaming about outside) I dream of it still. 😉

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