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Is marriage a microcosm?

I heard this being discussed today. I’m not sure if it is a daft question; I’ll have a think and see….

What is marriage like?

This is probably impossible to answer as there are as many answers as there are marriages. There are good marriages, bad marriages, happy marriages, sad marriages, marriages made in heaven, marriages dreamed up by randomers…

But whatever a marriage is like, I suppose there must be some common elements. Or usually.

It’s a team of two. (I said usually).

It’s a team of two that is optimistic at the outset.

It’s a team of two that is optimistic at the outset that often ends up with a bigger team in tow that need fed and nurtured.

It’s a team of two, with other responsibilities, that is optimistic at the outset that ends up managing complications as they go along. The team either holds together or falls apart.

So, is marriage a microcosm?

Society is a larger team than two. Some country-based societies can act like teams. But I think that society is more like where teams of various sizes and numbers can move and interact and mix and support one another.

Society/Countries may well be optimistic at the outset. Had Scotland decided to go its own way I am sure there would have been huge optimism and hope at the outset.

But as it is we are so far down the line of the society that we are in, it perhaps really is like a marriage. The United Kingdom may well be in a “till death do us part” arrangement with the RoUK. Maybe Scottish society is at the stage of a marriage when you look around and realize that there are responsibilities that need dealt with and complications to manage.

I really didn’t intend this to turn out to be about Scotland’s distant past marriage to England, but it has gone that way.

At the referendum, we had a good think about whether or not it would be best to go our separate ways. It seems that Team GB has held together, for the time being.

So, is marriage a microcosm?

It could be.


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One thought on “Is marriage a microcosm?

  1. I get what you mean; at some point marriage gets bigger than the two or society. You said it better than I ever could. 🙂

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