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Thankful for many fun things in October

That month went in a bit quick!

October was a bit ridiculous, so it was.

It started off with a disco.

The disco lights set off a migraine that couldn’t have been worse timing.

The next day was the Glasgow 10k and I did it anyway, despite the fact that I probably should have spent the day in bed recovering. My time was okay and it was a really fun day out watching the half marathon coming in after us.

I then had a very busy few days facilitating an event at work – it was the same presentation given about twenty/thirty times and I was absolutely exhausted at the end – so much so that I crashed into another migraine the next weekend!

Fortunately we had booked a farmhouse in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE for a week and I did go to bed until I recovered from the farcical week and the back to back migraines.

It was very quiet. Apart from the rooster. And then the wifi ran out! So it was even quieter.

Back to the thick of it and the whirlwind of work and hobbies – and a daft competition where I got fully sucked in. It was a competition to come up with inspirational fitness picture and captions. So that was fun.

Then it was Halloween, which I hate, but it was tolerable.

Normally at this time of year I am resolving to write a novel in November. There is no way that is happening. I have hardly written anything all year!

Usually I am also announcing an intention to lose 7lbs before Christmas – but – FANFARE – this year there is no need as my weight has been static since JUNE! (It turns out the trick for me is avoiding refined sugar, but eating savoury food to my heart’s content!)

So, that was the last month.

Maybe I should resolve to post-a-day for the rest of November as a nod to Nano…





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7 thoughts on “Thankful for many fun things in October

  1. Sorry for the migraines, but I am happy that you had a nice week of quiet. I am trying to decide if I am going to be able to go through the nanowrimon experience. I am a little exhausted, but we will see. 😀 I miss your posts.

  2. theotheri on said:

    If you can manage a post a day for the next month, I’ll take heart and determine to do the same. Then we can compare notes at the end of the month to evaluate what we think of it.

    Very glad you have conquered the migraine duos.

    • Righto. I’m going to try and post something every day. I think the referendum put me off my normal thought-stride. I hope I don’t end up blogging about politics – but there’s a lot of it about!

    • That’s the end of November now and I managed 15 posts. How did you do? I enjoyed it. 50% is still a pass in some quarters 🙂

      • theotheri on said:

        Well, I managed 9 posts. That’s two a week. Not the 1/day I maintained for several years, but I think 2-3 posts a week might be my comfort level for right now. I’m grateful for the stimulus of your resolution. It certainly improved my 2-posts a month record for October. And I do get some personal reward from posts. But it’s a little bit like regular exercise — I have to get started before I remember how rewarding it is.

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