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A thistle-stop tour of Glasgow on a wild Clyde chase #ClydesTrail #Glasgow2014 #BringItOn

With a three week break from training, then tapas on Thursday and Katsu curry on Friday, I was a little wary of taking my sister up on the invite to run into and around Glasgow this morning, but it sounded like fun.

I had to borrow a day-glo orange top to join in the inaugural and probably only ever run of the Tango Trotters and felt a bit fraudulent sporting an Alloa Half Marathon top, having never entered.


Our first hurdle was a jobsworth security girl who wouldn’t let us ten feet beyond her to see the Clyde at Pacific Quay – but maybe that was a bonus, as the detour brought us around via the Squinty Bridge and Clyde near the end of that, then the riverside studios and we chalked up some pretty good celebrity spotting.

20140802-013713 pm-49033270.jpg

First was Lynsey Sharp (Silver 800m) who gave us a wave, then on the way back from the BBC Clyde we ran into Louis Smith and Claudia Fragapane! Close behind was BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty.

Happy with that, even though Glasgow was allowing us to literally soak up the atmosphere as the city made sure that the international visitors would have the chance to experience the full range of Scottish rain varieties…

From Clyde at the BBC…

20140802-013713 pm-49033354.jpg

to Clyde at the Broomielaw…

20140802-013713 pm-49033491.jpg

then Clyde at Central Station….

20140802-013713 pm-49033558.jpg

… to Clyde in Buchanan Street.

20140802-013713 pm-49033625.jpg

We then broke with the Clyde trail and stopped off at the Duke of Wellington for a cone shot, but the gold cone on the Duke of Wellington’s head was out of shot, but we had plenty of cones to make up for that.

20140802-013713 pm-49033696.jpg

Then off to Clyde at Queens Street.

20140802-013713 pm-49033764.jpg

We posed for the big G (as opposed to the weegie) in George Square…

20140802-013713 pm-49033831.jpg

and toned in nicely with the irn-bru shop in the Merchant City…

20140802-013713 pm-49033897.jpg

before reverting to wur true characters – going for a coffee in Café Gandolfi, before running back out of the city.

I am glad to have been invited to join in and glad I went. Pretty pleased my legs lasted the eight-ish miles of running about in the rain. Grateful to the many willing photographers along the way.

20140802-013713 pm-49033422.jpg






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8 thoughts on “A thistle-stop tour of Glasgow on a wild Clyde chase #ClydesTrail #Glasgow2014 #BringItOn

  1. Fantastic, I love the pictures! You look so happy and orange looks great on you. 😀

  2. Well done on the run (and the puns).

  3. Mandy on said:

    Great to see you again, Sandra. Can’t wait to see what mischief we can get up to after The Games are over!

  4. theotheri on said:

    So which one are you?

  5. theotheri on said:

    Thank you for the directions. You exude even more energy than I imagined. Wonderful-

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