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Sailing close to the wind

A couple of my recent posts surprised me by their relevance.

I wrote a post giving five reasons I am voting “No” in the referendum. I then got a stat spike and discovered the post had been picked up by a national newspaper as part of their referendum debate. I felt a bit sick. Then it disappeared from their site, and I was disappointed. Then it reappeared, and I was happy to see it back and stopped feeling sick.


I felt that the fact that my post was picked up does prove a little bit of a point about Scotland and its tiny population.

The second post that jumped out to surprise me was “The English Channel?” where I linked to a YouTube of James “Gideon Mack” Robertson. Then the very next week I went to a conference – and at questions, I thought, “My, that voice sounds familiar”! Here’s me listening to him on repeat for a few days and – ta-da – there he is! So I went to say hi. Managed to avoid the line “Love your work” but it came close. Luckily I wasn’t 100% sold on Gideon Mack, or I might have said it…

So, after a phase of teetering on a precipice of relevance, I fell into a contemplative lull.

Hoping to shake myself back to regular posting without ending up back in the national press…



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10 thoughts on “Sailing close to the wind

  1. theotheri on said:

    I think your post on your intention to vote against Scottish independence deserved to be picked up by a national paper. And not just because I agree with you. Your reasoning was clear and unbiased, and those who disagree with you should at least take your arguments seriously and feel the need to tell you why they disagree.

    Congratulations on your relevance!

  2. Be careful, you might become famous 😀 I think this is wonderful; your post was intelligently written and it was your voice which counts very much.

  3. I think it’s great that you were picked up by a national newspaper – I thought the points you made were excellent and well put and it is good to read about the subject from a member of the public rather than someone with a political agenda.

  4. lanceleuven on said:

    Picked up by a national? Nice! Congratulations. 🙂

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