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Strangely Compelling Viewing #ga2014

I have been watching the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland on the live feed.

Despite the footage of at least one old dear nodding off in the middle distance, the Independence debate / respectful discussion was interesting, and the most civilized and gracious element of the whole pre-referendum phase so far.

How refreshing to have a break from the I’m-right-because-I’m-right-and-who-are-Westminster-to-disagree-with-me? of Salmond and the have-cake-and-eat-it of the Yes Campaign in general. How refreshing to have a break from the withering eyebrows and awkward tipping point between bossiness and apathy sought by the No Campaign.

Just some genuine thoughts, valid concerns, interesting observations and helpful whichever-way-it-goes-conclusions.

I think that politicians should perhaps give the ‘respectful’ discussion idea a go. Instead of assuming that people who disagree with you are evil and self-serving, why not go with the premise that they are sincere? Why not use your imagination and try to see and understand another point of view, even if just for a minute?

There is a lovely haun-knittedness about the whole General Assembly. The crap jokes, the inability of people to remember to say their name and number before they speak, the personal familiarities from real life leaking over into the formalities. Great to hear Scottish accents articulately convey intelligent ideas – although, it wasn’t on the TV, right enough.

On the one hand it is interminably dull; on the other, strangely compelling.


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3 thoughts on “Strangely Compelling Viewing #ga2014

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when you can at last find discussions that aren’t soured by vitriol and rancor, when intelligence and reasonableness reign. I enjoy a lively debate that is respectful and considerate. I can only imagine how lovely it must sound with the variety of Scottish accents 🙂

  2. Haun-knittedness, love it! I have been scanning crowd photos of the GA looking for smiles and younger faces, but feel a bit superficial for doing so. The main thing should be that those present surely of whatever age are engaged and contributing.

    • Ah – good point – the “main thing”… I wonder…. The cementing of the liberal trajectory did leave me feeling a little lost between supercomplexity and doublethink. The CofS has decided to have its cake and eat it, theologically speaking, and there aren’t a great deal of examples of that going terribly well in church/biblical history. I think the CofS has shot itself in the foot and the whole thing will ultimately keel over.
      Unless – as is my hope – individual congregations continue to work hard for their local areas, such as your own project, and the resultant congregational vibe is a goer.
      I guess we’ll see…

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