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Finding profundity in doing the dishes… ;-) #themeaningoflife

In my discussion about the meaning of life, Terry from TheOtherI commented on my post and mentioned doing the dishes. It made me want to write a poem. So here is is:

I’m sinking
my hands,
lifting the plates
out of the depths.
I am here.
Can you hear
The clunking of dinner plates
Stuck with greasy gravy?
The cold and congealed
Is warmed.
It dissolves,
Slipping from one dimension –
Wooed to another,
Suspended in globules
In a fatty emulsion.
I tip the basin
The grease gurgles.
Suddy fingers squeak
confidence in cleanliness.
How many times
have I cleaned this
same plate
from sizzle to squeak?
Stacked plates
Wait for the morning.





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4 thoughts on “Finding profundity in doing the dishes… ;-) #themeaningoflife

  1. theotheri on said:

    I love it! Besides, I don’t think I have ever been responsible for inspiring a poem before. I think I will copy it and pin it to my bulletin board. Terry

  2. I adore your poetry!

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