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For the last fortnight I haven’t been near WordPress because I was doing a burpee challenge – 15 burpees for 15 days for the 15th birthday of BMF that I train with. I linked in my efforts on Day 2 to my previous post. All in all, here were my burpee locations and outfits:

Day 1: Culloden – At the visitor centre at the Culloden Battlefield, wearing the uniform of the government army from 1746, hoping that the wee museum man wouldn’t catch me and throw me out.

Day 2: Corrimony Cairn – as shown in the last post.

Day 3: Caledonian Canal – at the locks at Fort Augustus.

Day 4: in a boat – took the kids rowing and did burpees on the boat.
Day 5: Eilean Donan. – on the bridge to the castle, with lines from “Highlander” and a random passer by.
Day 6: Marvell – a stanza of Marvell from his poem “The Garden” in front of a fountain at Greenbank Gardens.
Day 7: Roller skates – a take on an 80s Martini advert shot in the garden.
Day 8: Scooby doo – I dress as Velma, then as Daphne.
Day 9 Psycho. – I do burpees in the shower, accompanied by my son doing the soundtrack on the violin.
Day 10: The Sound of Music – I do “I have confidence” and then burpees.
Day 11: Minecraft – I become Steve from Minecraft and do burpees.
Day 12: House – I shoot an episode of House where I am the patient who is prescribed burpees.
Day 13: Bat woman – I collect the children from school dressed as Batwoman.
Day 14: Harry Potter – I play the part of professor McGonigle and get zapped  -“expecto burpees”.
Day 15: Skyfall – I hash together a take on the opening sequence of Skyfall.
I am creatively spent.




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7 thoughts on “Burpee Madness

  1. theotheri on said:

    Just watching you keeps me working at my own burpees – not as many and not as fast as yours. But enjoying it. Thanks for keeping up the challenge. T

  2. Wow! You are so fit and look so athletic doing your burpees surrounded by the most magnificent backgrounds. Hooray for you!!!!!

    • Thanks – it was a fun challenge – but the day it ended I celebrated by eating SO much… perhaps I should have kept it up for longer. Hopefully I can settle back to blogging – at least I can do that by myself – my poor son having to film me everywhere!

  3. ‘Madness’ is the right word! 🙂 Those videos were great fun, and so inventive. I laughed the most at the Minecraft one, when your head kept falling off and being patiently put back in place by your little helper.

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