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Postcard from Drumnadrochit


We were doing a spot of Nessie hunting, looking out from the prime Nessie-spotting spot at Urquhart Castle (known to the children as “Blake Castle” because it appeared in “Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster” as the ancestral home of Daphne. )

Haven’t seen her so far, but there is plenty of loch so Nessie could well be hiding in one of her secret caves. We went to the two Nessie tourist places today – the well funded ‘scientific’ skeptic one and the home-grown, less scientific one (that smells REALLY odd)  and left none the wiser 😉 but with a faint resolve to re-watch Ted Danson’s “Loch Ness” at some point in the future.



Urquhart Castle was looking good. Unbelievably good weather.

Wish you were here, as it were.



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5 thoughts on “Postcard from Drumnadrochit

  1. I love the picture of your little ones 😀 Your post brought back vivid memories of my time searching for Nessie. The search itself though not fruitful was fun and magnificent. Scotland is incredibly gorgeous!

  2. Nessie watching! I am amazed! That seems like such a long-forgotten image from my past, having read about it in maybe 3rd grade, or so. I have hardly thought of it since then. Did not realize folks still look for it. Or is it more of a mild pleasure ride, as over here when we go looking for fall colors? You enjoy the countryside and the find weather and build family memories…
    Anyway, thanks for the great shots of such a pretty place! I love looking at water. And Scotland is incredibly beautiful. Maybe we’ll watch “Chariots” again this week? 🙂

    • It is pretty core to the tourist industry. You can pay to go on a speedboat up the loch to have a look or a more sedate boat cruise. There are two main exhibition centres with accounts of sightings and the history of various hoaxes and scientific studies. I remember Operation Deepscan when I was young when they did a sonar thing. They didn’t find the monster ,would you believe. However, they say that the lock is big enough for a mystery, no matter what the scientists think…

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