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… in which Alex Salmond morphs into Leonardo Di Caprio at every turn… #indyref

I think that perhaps the independence thing is dead in the water. A little like Jay Gatsby at the end of the story, floating lifeless in the pool.

Maybe the SNP tumbled short of their own dream. You see, I thought the idea was for an independent country to be, like, independent. But the SNP decided that the best thing currency-wise post-independence would be to keep the pound and have a formal currency union with the rest of the UK. Fiscal Union. So, not all that independent, then.

I thought it would have been kind of cool to maybe go with the dollar, and become a wee state… rather than a pure state, as it were …

And then, all – ALL the posh boys at Westminster said that Scotland couldn’t have its pound cake and eat it. They weren’t for sharing. We cannot have a fiscal union. So, that idea is dead in the water.

And in response to the “you can’t share our currency” jibe from the South, Salmond hits back with “yes we can” – which gives me, on the one hand Bob the Builder and on the other hand gives me chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby, when Tom Buchanan says that he is not going to share his wife with, or lose his wife to Gatsby. And Gatsby says the Jazz age equivalent of “yes we can” – but it all goes all tumbleweed and awkward and, our narrator tells us “the dead dream fought on”…

And that’s what it feels like now. Every day it seems that another nail is put in the independence coffin; every day another rat puts in a formal notice of intention to leave the sinking ship in the event of it hitting the iceberg of a Yes majority – and Di Caprio hangs on for dear life to the – whatever it is he uses as a float until he sacrifices himself for Rose (is it a door or a deck chair?… anyway)…

Now, of course, there are Salmond’s confident rebuttals of all these portents of doom. Most of them seem to boil down to him being right and everyone else is lying.

And I can’t help but think of all of the great characters in literature that stumbled over their inability to face reality.

There was the other clanger that was dropped on the Yes campaign – one main hope for an independent Scotland is that it would be a voice for itself in Europe. And then someone high up in Europe said  – eh, you won’t be able to join.

Salmond’s response was along the lines of: yes we will.

So, while it is good to see people standing up for what they believe in, it is depressing to see people begin to ‘beat on, boats against the current’ when… at the moment… we have the pound, and we are in Europe, which are  – I understand – what the Yes campaign want, in some respects. And if there’s a Yes vote – those are the two things that are looking a bit wobbly.

I don’t think the Yes campaign will find it easy to sway any undecideds with the flow of anti-independence declarations being made by various companies as time goes on.

As I suspected I might, I find the whole debate dull and compelling in equal measure. Can’t wait until it’s over.



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5 thoughts on “… in which Alex Salmond morphs into Leonardo Di Caprio at every turn… #indyref

  1. So No becomes Yes, aye?

  2. I really like the way you broke it down, made it make sense with Leonardo, things are always nicer with Leo. 🙂 All I care about is that you are happy with the outcome. 🙂

    • Oh whatever the outcome I’ll be as Scottish as I am now. Even if we have to leave the country to avoid the financial slide into chaos. I was born South of the border and wouldn’t mind returning. But I don’t think it’ll happen.

      • You are home wherever you feel is home and that is all that matters. I get to read your blog wherever you are as long as you keep writing, so I am lucky. I hope that everything turns out well for Scotland however they decide, I love your country. 🙂

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