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Uncharacteristic Moan

I hate moaners.

Stop moaning and go away and cheer up. Look on the bright side. Wait long enough and you’ll get over it.

However, my usual optimistic self has struggled to throw itself into some aspects of 2014.

A moaning person would now proceed to tell you all about it and wait around for hugs and sympathy. But I don’t do physical contact, generally. And I don’t want, nor indeed deserve, sympathy. I need to stop moaning and get a bit of perspective.

But you never know, maybe I’ll find it cathartic to moan. So, here goes, I’ll moan in metaphors to protect the innocent and the guilty:

1. I’ve been flogging a dead horse. It is an ex-horse. It has ceased to be… (Please understand that this is a metaphor…)

2. Oi! The Media! We don’t want to hear news stories about news stories! We just want to hear the news stories, not stories about what the way the media deals with the news stories tells you about the media. (That is not a metaphor. I wish it was.)

3. Obesity. Literally. Not mine. Just generally. Tragic.

4. Migraine. Literally. Mine. Oof.

5. The fact that I haven’t had an interesting thought ALL YEAR. (Okay, so it’s only the middle of January, but really…!)

That will do for my moan-in for now.

Now, do I feel any better?


That’s what I get for moaning.

I prescribe myself a dose of optimism to be taken first thing tomorrow morning!


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9 thoughts on “Uncharacteristic Moan

  1. Take some medicine for your migraine and sleep on it, then write some in the morning. You are definitely not a professional moaner, that was not even close to a proper moan. 🙂 I am sure that you have had many thoughts this entire year, but given that you are very busy, they may have flown under the radar, you’ll find them again during a lull, you’ll see.

    • I hope so. When I look back at the first year of the blog, I remembered really enjoying thinking things out properly. I wish I could think of something new to straighten out in my own mind. As you know, a blog is a great place to think.

  2. Just have to say this: ((hugs))
    Aren’t I ornery? Now you can really moan! 😉
    I’m guessing when the migraine wanes, you’ll be better. I hope it, for your sake.

    • Ooh! Don’t do the hugs in brackets thing! You know, I reckon I would give you a hug in real life. I imagine it comes with crossing your home’s threshold. The migraine has gone – it’s just the three days of housework needing caught up on!

  3. In so far as it might be helpful to look for a cause (debatable) could it be a January thing? I usually look forward to the austerity and relative peace of January after the hecticness of Christmas, but sometimes it fails to live up to its expectations. As for interesting thoughts and ideas, I tend to find them on Radio 4 or on the likes of Tearfund’s website. The latter is also good for gaining some perspective as long as you shun any guilt that might creep in with it. Hang in there!

    • Yes, Radio 4 is good for ideas 🙂 it just annoys me when I tune in hoping for a stimulating discussion and end up coming in halfway into a dodgy play in dodgy middle england unconvincing accents. But yes, they have some good discussions. Also TEARFund are full of good ideas, but most of them have, well, guilt infused in there. I downloaded their “rhythms ” app which had many good ideas, but I completely failed to implement them.
      I feel a bit more ready to face 2014 after a wee lazy day. Looking forward to following your fitness challenges this year. I haven’t applied for the race yet, but I will. I am doing “The Major Series” on 7th June… you should take a look…

      • Looks muddy! Not this year at any rate for me. I will take a look at your posts on the 10K last year and look forward to hearing of your progress too. Onwards into 2014!

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