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Evidence of how much SMART targets don’t work

Time for my end of year review, in preparation for making my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. Here was the plan:

  1.  Get to 9 stone (126lbs) by the beginning of March.
  2.  Complete the Glasgow Women’s 10k in in an hour or less, in May.
  3.  Draft the novel by the end of June.
  4.  Tidy the house (ongoing)
  5. Take my career out of the three boxes it is currently in and bin most of it, reducing all I need to know to a couple of files that I can take back to work in August. Or even get it down to a single memory stick. Or just chuck the lot of it and start again in real life.

So, how did I do?

1. 9 stone? Who am I kidding? At one point, one day, I managed to get the scales to say 9 stone 9lbs. On the plus side, even at that weight, all my clothes fitted. This is because it turns out it is true that muscle is heavier than fat. So now I need to figure out if my goal was really to reach the target weight, or to look as if I had reached the target weight.

2. Utter success! 😎 Knocked ten minutes off my personal best and came in at 57 minutes 26 seconds.


3.  Utter failure! 😎 The novel is still … pretty short. It is an idea and a pile of vignettes. To balance that out, my mother and I managed to type up my grandpa’s hefty war memoir and it is away to the publisher for 2014’s centenary of the outbreak of WW1, so that was worthwhile.

4. Ach. “Ongoing” about sums it up. Improving in general, I think.

5. Utter success! I bought some storage stationery and went through it all ruthlessly and kept and filed a copy of everything useful and then took it back into work where it sits on a shelf. I have even been able to find things easily as a result.

Did you make resolutions? How did you do?


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6 thoughts on “Evidence of how much SMART targets don’t work

  1. Bravo!!!!!!! It is true that muscle weighs far more than fat and it is more important to be healthy than to be skinny. Your heart is loving you and I know that your clothes are fitting you so you did amazingly well this year! Congrats on getting your grandfather’s memoirs out to the publishers’!

  2. My “resolutions” for 2013 were quite modest in one way (relatively simple task) and quite ambitious in another (requiring planning and multiple weekends away from the family). They were simply to climb both Corbetts on the Isle of Rum (success!) and all four Corbetts on Arran (failure!). So Arran gets carried over to 2014…

  3. I think you have done really well on your challenges! I am particularly impressed with number 5 – I would like to be able to achieve that too. 🙂

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