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An incomplete thought about the Scottish Independence thing #undecided #indyref

There was once a man who had two sons. One day the younger son said, “Can I have my share of the national debt now please? And I’ll take the oil, as it’s mine really.” So, the father divided his property between his sons and the younger son went off.

He thought he’d go to, I dunno, somewhere like Scandinavia, as it would be nice there. They wouldn’t have any obesity and everyone would eat a lot of locally caught fish. They would maybe have musicians who would be famous for palindromes, even. So off he went.

He thought that it would be nice if everything in his new home was free. So, the children got their childcare for free, the elderly got their transport for free and the students got their education for free. It was great.

Back at home, the elder brother thought, “Like, whatever” and went on being overpopulated.

So the public sector got really, really big, so that everyone could have a job to pay for the free stuff. And the private sector thought they would move to another country so they wouldn’t have to pay for the free stuff.

The younger son couldn’t get used to eating the fresh fish, or drinking in the mountain views. He was so used to moaning his face off about the older brother doing his head in.


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4 thoughts on “An incomplete thought about the Scottish Independence thing #undecided #indyref

  1. I wouldn’t know where to stand on this question. Good luck figuring out the right answer for you, it’s a tough one. 🙂

  2. Not sure where you get the idea everything in Scandinavia is for free… We pay taxes – a lot of taxes. But we do eat fresh fish 🙂

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