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In Praise of “Homes Under the Hammer” #homesunderthehammer @TVMartinRoberts

Homes Under the Hammer

Homes Under the Hammer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some things are inexplicably great – and “Homes under the Hammer” is one of them.

Our hosts, Martin and Lucy, visit vacant properties that are to be auctioned. We find out who buys them, what their plans are, and we see how it all turns out in the end.

There are so many elements of genius in this show:

The ‘tension’ music at the auction; the PUNS; the over-relevant soundtrack; the lovely profit margins; redemption of uninhabitable spaces; the way that I only have to wait fifteen minutes to see a transformation that took MONTHS or even YEARS; the fact that the show is so satisfying for nosy people like me while being totally formulaic and cheap to make….

I love the fact that so many people end up on the show because they watched the show. I love the fact that people can see past the detritus of past neglect to see the potential in sad and lonely spaces. I love the fact that the order in which the editors mix the three renovations per show mean that you can be trapped there for the full hour… (Don’t worry, I now record it so I can whizz forward and see how it turned out even quicker if I haven’t got time to watch the whole thing – I mean, who does?!)

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the classic title sequence! Those wee model houses, the smirking bank notes, the piles of pennies. On the one hand it looks cheap  – but then, someone had to make all those we houses, and get those bank notes to smile, and do some clever camera work with those pennies. Love it.

Most of all I love Martin’s puns that are so … plentiful…  And he has great hair. So does Lucy, come to think of it.

A winning formula, BBC.  You make me have my elevensies at 10am…


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4 thoughts on “In Praise of “Homes Under the Hammer” #homesunderthehammer @TVMartinRoberts

  1. My mother would love that show. She is hooked on the do it yourself show concept as well as all of the latest realty shows. She loves Flip This House and International House Hunting. The hosts sound very entertaining themselves and in my mind that is half the battle. 🙂

    • Yes – bright and breezy hosts do cheer up daytime TV.
      And here, we have the joy of no advert breaks!

      • As a progressive, there are several areas in the political arena where I am disappointed with President Obama and most of it has to do with our supposed security, I dislike the drone program, the Patriot Act, the NSA’s expansion of powers, the non prosecution of the Big Banks, those are the big ones. Personally I really like our President and his family, I just wish that he was a progressive, he isn’t and that is what it is. I do love the fact that he did what he could and fought hard for the Affordable Care Act, he didn’t give in and did what he thought was right, he also keeps speaking to the plight of the middle class, equality for the LGBT community, voter’s rights, increasing the minimum wage, and asking more from those who have so much. I might not agree with his ways of getting there but I am on his side. I would have preferred a public option for health care coverage, I would prefer doing something about the outrageous costs of higher education, I would prefer eliminating the ridiculous obsession with teaching to the test, I would like to see this TPP treaty out in the open, the one that no one knows anything about but is NAFTA on steroids, I want to see fracking abandoned and more action on the climate change front. I have a huge list of things that I would like to see implemented, but that’s for another election.

  2. I love it too! Can’t help myself on my days off – my breakfast tv! Also love Escape to the Country for dreaming!

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