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Daphne on the Horizon

I’ve been quiet for the last fortnight.

The Great Scottish Run didn’t agree with my stomach and I felt sick for a week so that was rubbish. On the upside, I subsequently had a week off work and we went away to the middle of nowhere and kept bumping in to people we knew who had also escaped to the middle of nowhere.

I used the week in preparation for “No-Vember”which starts tomorrow. I ate and drank everything I am banning myself from eating and drinking for the next six weeks. It was great. I was especially pleased that the curry house in Grantown on Spey did a pretty good chicken Achari.

The other success of the week, besides swathes of relaxed family time, log fires, nachos, no rain, free entry to Landmark, the Inverness Aquadome, Brodie Castle, parks, conkers, “Horton Hears a Who”….

*Back to the point*

The other success of the week was my charity shopping in Aviemore. Last year at Halloween I was Velma, and I resolved this year to become Daphne – and the Aviemore charity shops were well stocked and reasonably priced.  So I am looking forward to surpassing my Velma outfit from last year (were such a thing possible).

English: Grantown on Spey High Street This is ...

English: Grantown on Spey High Street This is the High Street through Grantown on Spey at the junction of the A939 and B9102. http://www.grantownonspey.com/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All in all I am very excited about the next six weeks. I have missed training for two weeks and really want to get back. It’s my favourite kind of weather for training these days – dark, cold, wet and windy – so I cannot wait to get back out there. I am also looking forward to going cold turkey on all my toxic snacks and processed garbage that I eat.

When we were driving home, I said to the children, “So, when the teacher asks you where you were on holiday, what will you say?” to which I received two “I don’t know”s and one optimistic “Grantown on Spain”…



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9 thoughts on “Daphne on the Horizon

  1. theotheri on said:

    “Granton on Spain” is wonderful. When we were young we were taught a prayer in my family which should go “O my God I am heartily sorry for all my sins.” But my brother accidentally designed what was probably a more truthful version which went “Oh my God I am partly sorry…”

    So maybe you can be glad your child just thinks the holiday was in Spain?

  2. I hope there will be pictures of “Daphne” I am sure that you will be the hit of the party. Will you be accompanied by Fred? Two weeks without training, I can feel it through your post that you are raring to get back to putting your muscles to work. 🙂 It is adorable that Spain has become code for holiday.

  3. It took me until the comments to make sense of your title (I’m still catching up on sleep). I think it sounds like a Greek myth 🙂

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